What the Cell is Going On?

Blu-ray. The Cell Processor. The RSX graphics chip. The PS3 was supposed to be the most insanely advanced gaming machine ever created. It was supposed to be able to deliver visuals well beyond anything capable on console or PC. According to Sony, the next generation wasn't supposed to begin until PS3 arrived.

So why is it, then, that all these PS3 games look just the same as they do on the Xbox 360?

When the PS2 first launched, Sony demanded that all games on the system be enhanced visually over their rival platform counterparts. The PS2 represented the next generation of gaming, and software was required to support this notion. With the PS3, Sony seemingly has no such requirements, offering us only that it "expects and encourages publishers working on PS3 titles to take full advantage of the technology and features that PS3 provides." Well, encouraging may not be enough. And promises for better looking games in the future don't really cut it. The PS3 is here now, it costs an extra $200 (at minimum), and the visual difference is questionable.

Don't believe it? 1up put the PS3 lineup to the test. They captured images and video of several games and their Xbox 360 counterparts - using the same exact capture device, with same type of connection cables, running at the same exact resolutions.

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DJ4369d ago

It's up to developers to take advantage of the hardware they're given. Most devs like to keep multiplatform titles visually consistent across platforms, EA being one of them. Visual Concepts on the other hand happily took advantage of the PS3 hardware, and the results were pretty impressive. Better AI, more AI-controlled characters, better graphics. =]

BIadestarX4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

The same can be said about the 360. Is this why Gears looks better than any PS3 game? Wow, you are right Epic did take advantage of the power of the 360. Here is the sad part. You will not be able to compare the console's power with exclusive games. The game must be in both consoles to be able to do so. Take the wii for example. Which version of COD3 shows better graphics the wii or the PS3? There is no question that the PS3 version shows a huge improvement over the wii. Now the problem starts when you compare any multi-platform game between the 360 and the PS3. Any Idea why?
You cannot compare MSG4 with Halo3 since even the lighting, sound, etc are different. Just not possible. So, if the PS3 can't prove that it's far more powerful than the 360 with 3rd party game; then it will never will.

Boink4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

you just keep telling yourself that.

it's only first gen, so i'm sure they will tweak out more later, and the ps3 will eventually catch up.

But sony really needed to hit the ground running, especially with gears setting such a high bar for them. It seems more they tripped coming out of the gate(with the exception of R:FOM), and will now have to work even harder.

The bad news? Europe gets a preview of what to expect before they buy, and that is not going to help sony at all. The PS3 sold well in US and Japan cause people were expecting their minds blown, but now that Europe knows what it's waiting for, they will likely start lokking at the wii or the 360, or both to get the best of both worlds.

Sony needs more that RFOM and they need it now if they don't want to lose a chunk of europe that they dominated so well before.

MicroGamer4368d ago

Wii is not going to be able to keep up. They will be hampering cross platform development. In the last generation, they could pretty much use the same models and textures with just little tweaks here and there to make them look the best they can on each platform, but Wii is now so far behind the 360 and PS3 in terms of graphics muscle that they can't diplay the same models and textures and keep the frame rates up at the same time like the 360 and PS3. Going low tech is going to lose them a lot of titles.

uxo224368d ago

People keep saying that games are first generation as if something as changed since the game was created. The PS3 has been in development longer than the Xbox360 has. The Developers have had plenty of time with the dev kits. The difference is as it is with anything else (in most cases) if a developer puts the time into a product, they will get better results.

Sometimes you guys act as if the DEV kit for the PS3 was released 60 days before the PS3 was. Dev kit my A$$ it is what it is. There's going to be games out there that look much better on the PS3 (and viceversa)and to put it simple it's going to be because the developers for that particular game put more time and effort into it.

IT's already been said that the Cell is more difficult to develope for, with that being said, simple mathematics would tell me that a PS3 game should be take a bit longer to produce that one for the three-sixty. If they don't take the extra time and care, as you see in this article, the 360 versions will continue to look better.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion and nothing else.

BoneMagnus4368d ago

Excellent point about Europe! I hadn't considered that. They already have a bad taste in their mouth because of the delay, and the overall poor reviews could affect their willingness to purchase once it is there - or at least delay purchases until a must-have title comes out like MGS. But, if Europe is slow to adopt, it could affect developers' desire to program for the console.

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HyperBear4369d ago

How many Xbox 360 Fanboys were on that site just clicking "What the Cell is going on". Like i cansee some games on 360 that are better, like Tiger Woods, and most of the sports games, but like Blazing Angles and Ridge Racer better on 360 than PS3, highly unlikely. i mean, that just begs the question, did the 360 fanboys when looking at this, did they even watch the trailers, or they just out in hyate for Sony just said "What the Cell is going on". But I think the 360 wins most of them, but theres the weird one that PS3 should have gotten, but it didnt. 1UP has a lot of 360 fanboys.

forgiveme4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

31% PS3 fanboys voted that Call of Duty 3 looked better on the PS3 when clearly it doesnt

MoonDust4369d ago

Except Blazing angel and Fullauto, they used different cars and planes so the comparison is not good.

ArmrdChaos4368d ago

First, the screens are not identical. Secondly, the Xbox 360 version was stylized to give it that old movie look (greenish tint) which they obviously decided to go away from for the PS3 version.

MicroGamer4368d ago

I clicked "sort of looks better on PS3" 3 times on that one, but I really didn't see anything that blew me away to the point where I could say it looks hella better on PS3 than 360.

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NextGen24Gamer4369d ago

Well according to those polls....Over 85 % of the people clicked "what the cell is going on". on every some cases closer to 95%. But many of those probably feel like us. 9 out of 10 games look better on the 360. But one aspect the screen shots don't show is the bad frame rates for most of the ps3 games. There is no excuse for that. Games that are 60 fps on the 360 are a studdery 30 fps on the ps3. DJ and others will come to sonys rescue and come up with excuses...but read the article. Sony made all these claims and failed miserably. There is no excuse for this. And DJ, its even worse when you look at Sony's first party games....They are getting ratings of 3, 4, and 5's. Then you have the one bright spot in average score of 8 point somthin.... Is it not obvious yet? Are sony fans in complete denial and filled with constant excuses? Just watch the responses to this article and see for yourself. The people have spoken....The war is over folks. There is only ONE premier next gen console on the market right now...and thats the xbox 360. Whether the ps3 can recover? Who knows. Sony fans have hopes just like they did about sony's promises for the launch....I assume there will be some exclusive games for the ps3 that will be Good. But I'm not holding my breath...every day that goes by I appreciate more and more what Microsoft has created in the xbox 360....The best next gen system TODAY.

MicroGamer4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

the graphics look better and framerates on 360 are higher in spite of the awesome power of the multi-core Cell, greater storage capacity of the Blu-Ray and mega-bandwith on the XDR Ram. Even with "advantages" like that, PS3 still doesn't manage to blow 360 out of the water.

Marriot VP4368d ago

in that case, if he would be compared to a cop, he'd be a cooked cop.

PS360PCROCKS4369d ago

I agree with whoever said it that you can't compare 3rd party titles since they will usually look alike, and at the same time you cant compare 1st party titles. But at the same time, most of these games look better on the 360 or exactly the same. The ones that stand out for the 360 are Madden (Look at the stands and the field) and ultimate alliance, and COD3, and I actually think RR as well. Ps3 side blazin angels, full auto, and their was another one but I forget