IGN: FIFA 09 PC First Look

The announcement that EA Sports was discontinuing Madden production for the PC wasn't truly painstaking to those who had played a stagnant version on PC for years. The bigger concern about the announcement was what it could possibly hold and reflect with regards to EA producing sports games for the PC across the board in the future.

One game that appears to be immune to potential extinction on the PC is the FIFA series. Perhaps owing to its large European fanbase, FIFA's not likely to disappear off of PC's anytime soon. Furthermore, when IGN looked at the PC version of FIFA 09 at the EA Canada studio recently, they saw a game that was actually being developed as opposed to simply being maintained. The PC version may very well be the most intriguing release of FIFA 09, owing to a new control technique.

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rafaleon3760d ago

Sounds to me like it will be the same old Fifa from 2003 with some new graphic features like sweat ;D:D:D

Also, what the hell were they thinking making ingame mouse control?:D LOL