Stargate Worlds Gameplay Video to be Shown on X-play

Firesky and G4 Networks have just announced that gamers will be able to see Stargate Worlds, the upcoming MMO based on the Stargate Universe, on July 2nd at 8pm PST. The video has interviews with the studio head and art director walking them through a raid on a drug lords stronghold.

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ry-guy3765d ago

Wasn't even aware Stargate had a game coming. I'll have to check it out.

Last game I thought got canceled was that FPS version of it.

games4fun3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

stargate is the perfect thing to create a video game mmo for, not because i like the series (i actually kinda like it sometimes), but because the series is based off of teleporting from one world to another meaning the game creaters have an excuse to hide the loading screen with a fmv sequence being played each time you go to another world/use stargate. Secondly the series itself has people already in squads of around 4 anyway making it easy to make an mmo class system. And the squads are titled sg1-sgwhatever so you can easily have a storyline and act as if it makes sense all these people are doing different things, and finally each world can be whatever the developer wants with whatever enemies/allies, the developer wants.

BlitZX3765d ago

... Although they should stick with the story already laid out and let the writers come up with the rest.
I have been waiting ages for some gameplay of this MMO. Hopefully there will be 'real-time' combat where you can actually aim instead of clicking the left/right mouse button! HUGE Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis fan. I want this to be the only MMO on my notebook. Speaking of which, I really hope the devs release the system requirements sometime soon.
Can't wait to be dematerialized and rematerialized through a Stargate (with wormhole effect intact).