Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard Make-Over?

Kotaku Writes:

"The rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update might not have hit yet, but we know something big is in the works for the console's dashboard.

How big? Well besides the gi-normous list of rumored updates we posted about back in May we're now hearing from a number of sources that the Live dashboard is going to be getting a second interface option, one that will use the yet-to-be announced motion controller to navigate."

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predator3761d ago

doh!!! now i will have to get the rumored motion controll as that sounds cool as hell

green3761d ago

I know Microsoft has something up their sleeves concerning live especially since there was no spring update.Exactly what it is will be a mystery till E3.

What Kotaku is reporting sounds really interesting and if implemented properly with a good motion controller then i will be all up for it.

meepmoopmeep3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

did you get this feature Day 1 as well predator? It should have been on launch right?

lol, anyway, cool that platforms are evolving with new features.
more proof of a motion control i guess.

General Pinky3761d ago

something to look forward to in E3...yea..let the party begin...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3761d ago

Did you get XMB or Trophies on day 1, should have been at launch right?

meepmoopmeep3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

lol, take it easy, i'm referencing a post he made in the past.
you wouldn't understand my comment unless you've read it.

i never said anything about Day 1 stuff on the PS3.
i think it's great that there are updates and features coming on all platforms.

BTW. XMB is the OS, that's a Day 1. the others, no.

EDIT: i'm not talking about In-Game XMB. But XMB is the OS.

spandexxking3761d ago

i wonder how the 360 would handle it? its already laggy with the current dashboard let alone a 3d one!

power of Green 3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Now I will also be getting the motion controller(Is Motion tech the game changer MSFT was talking about?).

The next update will be so grand MSFT will have to make user guide video's and release them for download(why do you think Sony has been annoncing all these mondane features years old for *desperate attempt to steal MSFT's thunder*.

@1.2, If this is true MSFT will be the comapany pioneering the 3D interface on consoles, what you said doesn't make any sense MSFT did not wait for Sony or Nintendo to test the waters with this idea making sure it is successful before they implement it.

Jim Crowslaw3760d ago

get out while u still can....theyre goin to tear u up in here. but ima giv Jason, Crab, POG and a few others some bubbles. Eventhough i love Sony to death, the majority of Pro-MFST fans make great arguments and i will hate to see the voiced muted by bubbles deletion just cuz of some sony fanboy.

JVIDICAN3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

"3d interface on consoles"
....HOME? 0_o
edit: it sounds great but wouldnt having to use motion controls to navigate the dashboard and then have to switch to the 360 controller for games get annoying after a while?

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

like 4 months ago to be coming out this year using the pseye or the six axis controls. It was called playstation ice or something like that.

Kotaku Writes:

"The rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update might not have hit yet" Isn't it summer now? I thought microsoft said there would be no spring update. They're trying to devert attention from 2.4

Silver3603760d ago

What is with all the hate going on here. especially from those that don't have a 360 or a PS3? That is trifling. Anyway I am looking forward to both 2.40 and the 3d dashboard. Good times for those that own both systems.

power of Green 3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Here's the surprize follow up to this post.

LJWooly3760d ago

PoG, while this is really cool and all, wouldn't Sony be the ones pioneering the 3D interface on consoles? Just throwing that in there...

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u got owned3761d ago

3d Dashboard sounds pretty cool, well see in a couple of weeks, cant wait. E3 is around the corner. I think this year is gonna be huge for MS. i mean it has to...

NO_PUDding3761d ago

The fact Kotaku report it after all the 2.40 stuff?

Yes I find that interesting too, maybe they felt they needed to diffuse the whole, PSN is now almost equal to LIVE and free.

Anyway, even if it isn't, it's a weird thign to speculate about, why not speculate about great games coming, I think the dashboard update (or lack of it) is just something people will have to put up with.

plenty a tool3760d ago

i think your being more than generous with the almost as good as live. the psn is getting there, but it aint almost as good. the thing is, and something alot of sony fanboys dont realise, people with 360's dont go mad for updates because everything you lot are getting now, has been in the xbox since 03 and the 360 since launch.

all this "omg wow it's like totally amazing 2.40" is nothing to 360 owners, and just means your getting some features that hve been around since 03 as i've already said.

Bloodwar3760d ago

You are bound to get your bubbles removed if you say things that the PS3 fanboys can't emotionally deal with.

OOG3761d ago

AH well e3 is soon enough... so we will know everything then

steck673761d ago

Still a rumor, hope it turns out true though, it sounds awesome.