GTA IV iCEnhancer C - New Screenshots Released

Hayssam ‘icelaglace’ Keilany has released a new set of screenshots for his upcoming iCEnhancer C mod for GTA IV. GTA IV iCEnhancer C will feature two presets, and the following images are based on its first one.

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Eonjay1680d ago

Just imagine what folks with monster rigs will do to GTAV.

devileyed1680d ago

Yeah I can't wait to get under the hood.

ShinMaster1680d ago

PC gaming = modding and taking screenshots and not playing.

i kid

1680d ago
imXify1680d ago

You can dislike me, but I don't even find iCEnhancer impressive anymore. When the only thing they show is close up pics of cars just to have some kewl lens blur.

sorane1680d ago

There's thousands or more pics and videos of it that are the exact opposite of what you describe. You should go check them out :) Or just use it and see for yourself. Very impressive stuff.

imXify1680d ago

I already installed iCEnhancer 3 months ago and I wasn't that impressed. I'll wait for GTA V.

Feralkitsune1679d ago

Same, I have tried the mod before and the people just feel so out of place with it on. They look super cartoony in a realistic environment.

Ps4andxb11680d ago

Nice eye candy.

Does nothing to extend longevity of the game.

Bodge1680d ago

I'm sure if you had these mods on your little peasant box then you'd be saying it's the greatest thing ever.

nucky641680d ago

uh, no. if this is the "greatest thing ever"....why in the he11 aren't these modders top developers at a major studio doing work on their OWN game instead of this?
let me know when these guys create their own game from the ground up and it looks like this...that would be something to commend them for.

ShinMaster1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

PC fanboys beg for ports, emulate old console games, brag about the low prices of games on Steam and how much cheaper PC gaming is in the long run and yet they call console gamers peasants lol

Burnin1679d ago

Dude you are such a troll... always waiting for the right time to take a dump on the comment section of an article not even related to your toybox.

@nucky: Man just Google Blackmesa and educate yourself

@Shin: We dont beg for anything. You are just sad that we'll be getting GTAV (as we always knew we will) and you probably already paid twice for it
See, the way PC gamers are we dont need to go and tell our mums to buy the latest game out there. We wait until the time is right... I bought GTAIV + DLC for $4, then I modded with iCEnhancer and I'm loving every minute of it. Same with Skyrim, Fallout, etc...

lfc_4eva1680d ago

Tempted to fire up GTA IV just to see if my pc can churn out such loveliness :-)