Another Resident Evil Movie "A Possibility"

Kotaku Writes "Director Paul W.S. Anderson recently talked to MTV's Movies blog about the likelihood of another Resident Evil movie. It's still being discussed. Hey, they haven't even got the storyline worked out yet (if they'd actually stuck to anything at all resembling the game, that might not be an issue)."

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Ri0tSquad3786d ago

They should make a Resident Evil game based off of Resident Evil 4.

TheDeadMetalhead3786d ago

They don't even have the book yet! They need to do SOMETHING with it! :)

cr33ping_death3786d ago

whatever happened to the CGI movie? anyone?

LaChance3786d ago

Resident evil movies suck.
Cant believe they reached 3 episodes for this crappy film.

supaman900s3785d ago

Degeneration is the title of the new completely original Resident Evil CG animated movie currently in production and set to release in 2008.

jon12343786d ago

they should make one where everyone dies, the end

VMAN_013786d ago

Yeh I was also wondering what happened to that CGI movie that looked like it was going on the right track.

Mcrmarcher3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

The last movie was real crap, why can't they just stick to the game's story? Do they think that they can make the story line better by introducing some characters from the series, throw in some zombies and then put them in a completely different set of events? Fck sake...

Phoenix17, I agree with u in the fact the first one was the best of the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.