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New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm gameplay trailer

Bandai Namco published a new Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm gameplay trailer. Enjoy.

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forks_last_account23854d ago

i started watchng naruto that the usr hentai gave me

its really gud. amzng but the only prblm is its nto american so i dont lykl it as much

its japanese and i hav to read subtyles i wish it was amerin so i dont need to read

JVIDICAN3854d ago

there is an english dub...
the voice actors arent as good but youll be able to understand it

forks_last_account23854d ago


antyway is the english verzn beta????

cuz i dont know much about anime. I like naturo VERY EmOTIOnL

PSTAVY3854d ago

I prefer the subtitles with japanese lang because the american voices can get annoying

Rick Astley3854d ago

Damn it looks fun. Demo coming this Thursday for Qore members. Can't wait.

Dir_en_grey3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I will say it again... make an online vs patch... even delaying the product until it has online will make this game sell way more than just releasing it bare-boned.

Once you release a game crippled, no matter if you come out with a patch later, most people will stop caring for the game by that time because other better games have already came out for people to spend their money on this.

Love the graphics, love the gimmics, love the fighting system, I don't want to see this game fail because I actually want to play people online with it. The online install base will be way too small if the patch comes out later... at least announce that you guys are working on the patch before release so people would buy it. I'm sure the online issue will be the only reason for a lot people not to pre-order and buy this game, which they would have otherwise.

hunter213854d ago

couldnt agree with you more.

f4t41_ph4nt0m3854d ago

Because the game is a "true" 3D fighter how would that work in versus or online (if it had it) how would a player control the camera? Game looks great nonetheless.

jams_shop3854d ago

That was the anime not the video game right???