8BitChatter 28: Uncharted 5 to be Xbox Exclusive?

Noah says, "Welcome to 8BitChatter 28 where we talk about the Playstation Experience, The Game Awards, our favorite consoles, and how the internet would explode if Uncharted 5 was an Xbox exclusive. Enjoy!"

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NerdStar72975d ago

Stopped reading at uncharted 5.

avengers19782975d ago

They would have to buy Naughty Dog from Sony.... So that's a big fat NO!

mikeslemonade2974d ago

Uncharted 4 on PS4 would look better than Uncharted 5 on the X1.

Army_of_Darkness2974d ago

*reads the title *..... Smh.....

BDSE2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

They'd just have to buy the Uncharted IP. Still never going to happen.

joab7772974d ago

The real reason is that they would have to wait til next gen and actually give a shit about the gamers that built them...thus making the console we deserve, one that could actually run Uncharted 5.

Otherwise it would look more like Uncharted 3. And yeah, they'd have to buy ND.

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LordMaim2974d ago

No, April Fools pranks are usually funny.

fermcr2974d ago

"8BitChatter 28: Uncharted 5 to be Xbox Exclusive?"

If Microsoft bought Sony...

Danteh2974d ago

Jesus christ, this things CAN NOT be approved.

It's the dictionary definition of clickbait, exactly the same thing as if I make a new website and publish an article saying "Zelda ps4 exclusive? God of War going to Microsoft? Halo going multiplat with PS4? What if...?", and then talking about how the internet would explode. Ridiculous.

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stonecold32974d ago

would never happen sony owns the ip

Silly gameAr2974d ago

That headline is the definition of click bait.

Hoffmann2974d ago

These days, just everything gets approved, eh?

Inception2974d ago

Last time i checked this month is still december, not april.

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The story is too old to be commented.