Leaked firmware 2.40 PlayStation Store video

"PS3-Sense writes "Our Spanish Sony friend sent us this firmware 2.40 video which will be available in the Playstation Store on Thursday to guide people through the new firmware. We already got the video for you, enjoy."

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UnblessedSoul3764d ago

Bahahaha forks last account2 you make me laugh

[email protected]3764d ago

He's quite obsessed with his accounts names... also he need a new life cuz the one his living is not good enough as far i can see o.O

3764d ago
verb3k3764d ago

Don't be tricked to pay any penny to M$
This is free...."This is living"

Jon86023764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Does any1 wanna talk about the topic at hand lol...well after seeing that little video the guy sounded like he was talking only because he was getting paid to do so, no excitement, no happy...but yeah I cant wait until 2.4.

jamenees3764d ago

yeah thought the same. thought the vid was good, though I think anything with 2.4 in it is gonna look good to me at the moment.

mightydog013764d ago

well it will soon be on our ps3........hip hip dance dance jump up around al la lo ya........peace

Arsenal4Ever3764d ago

Please check to see if your PSN is running becuase mine and a few others are getting DNS errors and can't access the PSn.

Devilbringer3764d ago

ye i am still jacked in to the matrix. i use wireless too

and i actully ment logged in to PSN...

spandexxking3764d ago

not just wireless im connected through ethernet and i cant login. i can access the browser but no PSN :(

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The story is too old to be commented.