Vampire Rain Trailer Has Disappointing Live Action

Shacknews: "Publisher Ignition has passed in yet another live-action trailer for the PS3 edition of Artoon's Vampire Rain. While it carries on the campaign's tradition of hammy acting, we're somewhat disappointed that it's not as ridiculous as the last one."

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DarkSniper3765d ago

Xbox 360 is nothing more than a test system for betas. It's funny that Microslaves got extorted out of paying full price for a game that is only used as an experiment to produce the superior PLAYSTATION®3 port.

With all of that said, Vampire Rain will be immensely improved due to it being developed on PLAYSTATION®3 hardware.


crimsonfox3765d ago

that was terrible.

jeez...would it kill them to hire at least a commercial actor


i always thought this game was weak but this seals the mofunking deal

Daver3765d ago

It dosnt look that bad

games4fun3765d ago

Epic facepalm occurred when i heard that there was going to be a ps3 version.

Vampire Rain is almost THE definition of a bad game imo

And if this game scores an 8 average i will either consider it the greatest turnaround for a game or the greatest pay-offs for a game lol