Watch The First Street Fighter V Match Live

Capcom made a splash at the recent PlayStation Experience with the announcement that Street Fighter V would be a PS4 and PC exclusive. Now you can get a first look at exactly what this means.

Capcom has announced via a tweet from Capcom UK that the company is streaming the first live match of SF V tomorrow during the Capcom Cup Finals on the CapcomFighters Twitch page.

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Mankey3511d ago

I'm having flash backs to 2008, when the first SF IV gameplay was shown.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this

Kurisu3511d ago

I'm going to look in to getting Ultra Street Fighter IV to see how I get on with it.

I've played Tekken casually since Tekken 3 but I've never given any other fighters the time of day. I downloaded Injustice from PS+ to see what that's like, and from first impressions it seems pretty good. I need to play it some more.

So yeah. Just want to try some new things.

FriedGoat3510d ago

When does this video start?

ChronoJoe3510d ago

It's not made clear when it starts. I guess they did that so that more people would watch the whole event.

I don't have the time for it personally, work to be doing. Will just watch on youtube later I suppose.

Mankey3510d ago

It comes highly recommended, SF IV is supremely enjoyable.

allgamespc20123510d ago

injustice is good but limited compared to sf iv. sf4 is simple, but hard to master and the most fun to master by far. almost 10 years later we still seeing amazing stuff

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josephayal3510d ago

I am a very big fan of Street Fighter and Your words really touched my heart, i cant wait 4 SFV next year

medman3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Looks like I'm getting back in the fighting game arena, I've been gone for a long time. But I've now got the itch to play SFV with a new fighting stick. Can't wait...2015 is looking stellar. If SFV doesn't make 2015, I guess I'll be picking up ultra in spring to get me back in the groove.

gangsta_red3511d ago

I hope there's more characters than just Ryu and Chun li. But something tells me there's won't be seeing as how the rumor was a 2016 release.

xHeavYx3511d ago

"I hope there's more characters than just Ryu and Chun li"
Uh... Not sure if serious...

gangsta_red3511d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

All they showed was Chun Li and Ryu in the preview.

I'm assuming the game is in early alpha, since the rumor is a 2016 release and it was just revealed. Maybe all they have are these characters two to show off.

But I am hoping that maybe they have more than that and they can show maybe more characters and maybe even a new one in action during the event.

Now...what aren't you so sure about? Did you think I meant that SFV would only have two characters total?


Kenshiro...that would be more than two...but anyways....

...I never meant that SFV would only have two characters in the game total, I just said I hope they show off more characters than what they showed in the preview.

I'll explain again....this time with a lot more words:

As gamers we have all seen alpha or beta builds and in fighting games they usually only have one or two characters available to demonstrate.

I am hoping that for this demonstration this isn't the case and that they show more than just CHUN LI and RYU.

I am hoping that they show maybe a new character or some other SF world warriors for the demonstration for this superb PS4 exclusive that Sony and Capcom has come together to bring the fighting fans around the world.

(I even through in some Sony love in the last paragraph just to get the cheers going)

No where did I even suggest or even think that SFV would only have Ryu and Chun Li.

remixx1163510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Red for some odd reason every time you talk I get really disgusted. Your like the internet version of Ebola.

Maybe I feel that way about you because I've never met someone with so much hatred towards a plastic box with wires and the people who enjoy them. I'm starting to think you and radler are the same person.

See @angeljuice below

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kenshiro1003510d ago

Why would there not be more than one character?

generic-user-name3510d ago

You don't deserve the disagrees just because people can't use their heads.

Geekman3510d ago

They probably went straight to insults after the first sentence.

Angeljuice3510d ago ShowReplies(3)
HammadTheBeast3510d ago

I dunno why people got so up in arms over a simple misunderstanding.

MasterCornholio3510d ago

This isnt a FTP fighter like Killer Instinct. I'm pretty sure there will be way more than two characters out of the box.

So I wouldn't worry about a two character limit for FTP gamers.

P.S I know your talking about the demo but your comment made it seem like something else. You might want to be more specific next time with your comment since lately this game had a ton of hate due to the exclusivity deal and people will confuse your comment with a hate comment.

gangsta_red3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Lol, your funny...

My comment did not make it seem like anything else. It's just people having low reading comprehension skills and going straight for the throat..

I was commenting directly at the article that said Capcom will be showing a demonstration of the game. No where did I even suggest or hint that this game would be F2P, no where in the past did I even mention this game could turn out to be F2P.

How about people stop trying to turn this into a console fanboy war by constantly and unfairly bringing up my comment history in a non console fanboy war related articles...especially when theirs is even more suspect than supposedly mine.

And as I predicted the demo only showed those two characters which I was hoping they wouldn't. I wanted to see more, especially the guys I use, Akuma and Vega.

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pompombrum3511d ago

I'm just crossing my fingers that they do it at a reasonable time. If it's after the finals, we'll be looking at like 3-4am UK time.

BlackTar1873511d ago

I came in here all jacked to see the fight then reliased i have to wait........... I was a huge SF2-4 fan and but 100's of hours into 4 but i lost touch with the game when they introduced Evil Ryu. I hope i can get back into whooping my buddies again for 30 game win streaks lol.

KwietStorm_BLM3510d ago

Why did you lose your touch with Evil Ryu?

Yokan3510d ago

I think he means in the demonstration.

nyobzoo3511d ago

I hope they reveal another character at this event

DigitalRaptor3510d ago

Me neither.

It's strange to me, that I've seen people thinking that the game is coming out in 2018. They must have misread Ono's quote about them not being able to bring the game out before 2018 without Sony's interjection.

When it's playable at this stage and ready to be public viewing, it's clearly coming out in the next 2 years. This will be a part of the PS4's 2016 lineup, easily.