More Screenshots of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Released Showing Nappa, Vegeta and Goku in Action

Another batch of screenshots for the upcoming highly anticipated video game title, Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been released. The new screenshots Goku, Vegetta and Nappa in action. The screenshots are from the Saiyan Saga when Vegetta and Nappa visit the planet Earth

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Illusive_Man2977d ago

Just make a new series already. This is ridiculous.

Gazondaily2976d ago

Yeah agreed. Let's pretend the awful GT series never happened, that Pan got killed by taking an artichoke to her massive forehead and carry on from the Bu saga

megatron007332977d ago

Agree with you. Now, We need a new Dragon Ball series.

Ripsta7th2977d ago

There is anew series on the works, i heard it will continue from after kid buss defeat. Meaning GT never happened

Allsystemgamer2977d ago

That's why battle of the gods was made. To start a new.

Foraoise2977d ago

Am I the only one that enjoyed GT and thought that BotG was crap?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2977d ago

and that is the movies that will be releasing for now on.

Battle of Gods
and Revival of Frieza is the new thing

Revengeance2977d ago


The new movies are during the 10 year timeskip which is after the Kid Buu saga and before Pan was born.

GT still happened.

gangsta_red2976d ago

I loved BoTG and hated GT. It was like watching a series that was nothing but filler episodes.

I would love if a new series was made and we were told that GT never happened and that Trunks wasn't turned into some sad case and Goku turned back into a little boy only because of how popular Gotan was.

Sono4212976d ago


Nope GT is now considered non canon, in other words Akira Toriyama basically came out and said GT didn't happen. So consider it now a completely different series. Which is a great thing because GT was utter garbage and they now have the ability to add onto a great series.. even though they probably wont and will just keep milking out movies.. ie botg and the newest one comming the return of frieza or something like that. Which is a shame because id love some sort of continuation with Bruce Falcouner doing all the music again.. but I know it probably won't happen :(

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gangsta_red2976d ago

Can't wait to fight through the Frieza saga again for the 380th time!


Goku goes super saiyen at the end of the Frieza fight! Hopefully they'll have that in the game.

SERIOUSLY though, c'mon! I've been playing the same saga since the PS1 days. It's ridiculous!

bananaboats2976d ago

The only good thing that came out of GT was SSJ4 but if a new series is in the works that start after the buu saga than count me in