Is Nudity That Essential To Papers, Please?

Clipping Error asks if nudity, a feature in Papers, Please which has been removed for the iOS release because Apple deemed it as porn, is essential to the game. He offers his opinion based on his experience with the game, and asks others to share theirs.

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Chalgyr3512d ago

Good article and a fair point - you always have to worry that censoring a game in some fashion may lessen the emotional impact in one way or the other.

Yi-Long3512d ago

It's ridiculous that normal nudity gets censored because SOME people deem it 'pornographic'.

I bet they go into shock whenever they look down while taking a shower.

NBT913512d ago

Its not just the emotional impact, fully body scans in Papers Please was part of the gameplay as it showed if a person was carrying weapons or lying about their gender etc

ccgr3512d ago

there already was an option to turn it off

ab5olut10n3512d ago

thankfully apple made that choice for us, i for one know i can't be counted on to police my own media.

Spotie3512d ago

Next thing you know, people will be asking us to raise our own kids.

NBT913512d ago

Out of interest, does anyone know what happens when you scan someone and have nudity off? I guess it just censors out their junk but then how would you be able to tell if they were lying about their gender?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3512d ago

Everything shows, but this is a pixel game to begin with. It's hardly pornographic.

Manubiggs3512d ago

Will wait for the vita version, I just want to play the game as originally envisioned

TitanUp3512d ago

if exploding heads are allowed nudity should be allowed shouldn't matter if it is male or female.

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NecrumOddBoy778d ago

A game that should absolutely be on this list is Disco Elysium. That game is wildly deep in the field of its take on social issues, politics, religion, morality, and the internal struggles of the human psyche.

robtion777d ago

Still haven't finished it but Disco Elysium is really great. I love the dark sense of humour.

robtion777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

I love dystopian settings in general. We happy few is an excellent game. It is basically a mash up of 1984 and the other dystopian classic Brave New World. The drug 'Joy' is essentially 'Soma' from Aldous Huxley's novel.

777d ago
porkChop777d ago

Orwell was surprisingly engrossing. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I expected. I bought the sequel on Steam but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

awiseman777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

Don't need a game to experience Orwell. Real life follows it pretty well.


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