Rock Band Guitars Incompatible with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

So time has passed, and time heals all wounds right? It was with a hopeful heart that some people bought a copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and tried firing it up with a Rock Band guitar, only to be greeted with a screen telling them, "An unsupported guitar peripheral has been detected."


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Nevers3765d ago

for GH! But GH controllers should work for RB... I don't like the RB guitar anyway... not precise enough after medium.

BigBaehr3765d ago

Wasn't there an article, just yesterday, claiming that it did work?

aubradley3765d ago

Activision makes me sad with their insistence of not allowing cross platform compatibility. I fear that Harmonix will do the same now.

Gerard Way3765d ago

Who the f*ck cares?

And this video says otherwise:

Old Snake3765d ago

The PS3 version of Rock Band still doesn't support a guitar hero guitar. Seriously WTF.

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