Myst Online Interview

It's back! Rand Miller reveals the next step in bridging the adventure and MMO genres.

The Uru Live saga is a long one in the history of Cyan Worlds and the Myst franchise. The development house famous for the ground breaking series of story driven puzzle and adventure games worked long and hard on an online multiplayer version of their unique gameplay worlds only to have the project fall through prior to launch. With the inception of GameTap, an online subscription based game service with classic titles and some current episodic gaming content, Uru was given new life. Rand Miller and his band of adventurers have been at work fleshing out the experience and nailing down features and ideas for current and future iterations of the game. IGN had the chance to chat with Cyan's Rand Miller and learn some more about the game's unique vision and how heavy story and adventure gaming elements are coming together in a massively multiplayer environment.

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coolfool4339d ago

Although I am not sure I would be so kind on the online side of things.

Story-wise, I never quite understood why all the worlds you visit thoughout the games were always empty. They always talked of great civilisations and yet there was never anyone to be seen.