Final Fantasy XV Demo Will Only Be Available to First Copies of Type-0 HD

TheArabGamer said: "Square Enix have once again done the unthinkable. As many of us have probably know, the upcoming Type-0 HD would be accompenied by an exclusive demo of Final Fantasy XV which intrun added more value to the overall package. Today, Square Enix have announced that the demo codes accompanied by the game will be extremely limited and only distributed to first batch of copies."

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masterfox2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

what da FUNK!!!!?, Square Enix can't be that stup#$ID!!!

Relientk772973d ago

Final Fantasy VII port, instead of remake

mikeslemonade2973d ago

I forget there was even a FFtype0 game announced. Not an issue for me personally because I will trade my games back and even off in cost.

hay2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Wait for the FF15 DLC to arrive. It's gonna have Square Enix written all over it, and internet will shit their pants again with overpriced Cloud skin for Noctis for the price of Dead Rising prologue.

Ranma12973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

This FF15 trial copy will be a demo of the demo.

You heard it here first.

"Preez be excited"

Inception2973d ago

No, they can. I want to list all of their stupid decisions this past years but i'm to tired to do that.

Ratty2972d ago

This is EXACTLY like them. They're so cheap it defies the laws of logic. Not saying their games are bad but IMO they always have to overcharge.

jambola2972d ago

It's not really overpricing considering what you get with it,

3-4-52972d ago

I don't want to play a demo of a game I KNOW I'm going to play/buy on day one.

It takes away from the initial unknowing and wandering around learning everything for the first time.

* Why would you want to spoil a game for a franchise that takes forever to release games ?

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Relientk772973d ago

Can't say I'm not tempted

The game looks great and a FFXV demo

LightDiego2973d ago

I believe on that, because well, it's Square-Enix we are talking about.
Maybe for the rest of the people the demo will be a dlc, hooray...

Godmars2902973d ago

So, let me get this straight:

The demo, which itself is going to be a download code, a slip of friggin paper to something which might not even be available day-one, is going to be limited to the first production run of Type-0?



Yeah. Square really respects its fan base...

yewles12973d ago

That falls right in line with FFVII being $16/£13; and THIS GAME, a remaster of a PSP game, being $60US/$70CAD/€70... YES!!! SEVENTY EUROS!!!!

NoctisPendragon2973d ago

FF Type zero isn't only a remake , it is a translation to.
Only the japanese players can complain about the price i think.

Baka-akaB2972d ago

except it doesnt look like the psp game anymore it uses the models from the cgi scenes even , and if people were willing to fork the same amount for games that were actually released in most countries , less than two years ago ... and some with less enhancements than type 0 ... the pricing isnt surprising

JohnathanACE2973d ago

Wow Square-Enix is just being a non-sop jerk lately. Getting pretty sick of them.

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