The Future of Nintendo: Where to go from here?

Gaming Console Network's Editor Aaron Espinoza questions where the gaming giant Nintendo goes from here on out. Nintendo already has created something innovative and fresh with the Wii and DS, but what can they do next after the novelty wears thin?

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Breakfast3762d ago

They had the hardcore market....they now have the casual market...

I think its time for them to break into the pets market.

Theyll go wherever the money takes them.

Tomdc3762d ago

lolz they already hav with nintendogs =P

dunno wat nintendo can do after wii tho... cant revolutionise much from their current position.

et6173761d ago

Maybe they should make more innovative things and defend the criticism of being gimmicky, maybe next-gen could be head tracking gaming just like the one planned for Boom Blox, but was scrapped.. That would be interesting playing games with head tracking especially while for an FPS game.

N4Gisbiased3761d ago

Go the way of Sega.

Seriously Nintendo, you make great games but you suck balls at making hardware.

gumgum993761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

wow. you might have a point here. why not? Only someone like nintendo could be crazy enough to pull this off

just when I thought I was the only living being to think up this idea

pets>gaming= the future= the matrix?

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Condoleezza Rice3762d ago

GOLDEN SUN 3.Make it happen Nintendo.

Rock Bottom3762d ago

Once you've reached the top, you can only go back... Or so they say. :p


Arsenal4Ever3762d ago

The future of nintendo?

What future? They'll just make a Wii 2 or something, but they won't release decent games.

I emphasise "SHOVELWARE" heaps and heaps of it.

Captain Tuttle3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

And every 18-24 months another Mario game

Edit: A little less bitter. Mario games just aren't my cup of tea.

mepsipax3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Go ahead and criticize the wii and shovelware but never talk sh!t about Nintendo's games, Nintendo doesn't make shovelware, Nintendo makes amazing games that are incredibly polished providing they're at least A titles like SMG,LOZ:TP,SSBB.
edit: @captain more like every 4-6 months, but don't diss the core mario games like 64, Sunshine and Galaxy those games are great and they only come out every 3-4 years.

doG_beLIEfs3762d ago

I do agree that Nintendo does make some very polished games. Let's not kid ouselves however. How hard is it to make the same game over and over? You would think that they would have Mario down by now. Princess Peach gets captured, Mario goes to a castle to save her, only to find out she is in another castle...rinse and repeat and charge another $50.

I practiced the piano for over 2 decades. If I am at a party and someone wants to hear something, it is inevitable that I will end up playing the same songs. Sure I can dress it up a bit and make it appear to sound different, but nevertheless it is still the same song over and over.

For me, Nintendo does not make quality software anymore, since all they do is re-release the same games with the same plots over and over again. Mario and pals are so "polished" by now that if you were to look at him directly you would go blind or turn to stone.

I really would like Nintendo to take a risk and come out with a new IP with new characters that can become just as loveable to the masses as Mario and pals. Maybe someday Shigeru will do just that. Or maybe drastically change up a Mario game. How about Mario in the future, in the past, or a different quest aside from saving Princess Peach for the 15th time?

I am trying not to be negative about Nintendo but I am just sick of hearing how great and polished Nintendo games are and how they are the best developers.

Give me Insomniac, team ICO, Polyphony Digital, and so on.

Captain Tuttle3762d ago

Great post dog. That's how I feel. Unfortunately there's no incentive for Nintendo to change's like they have a license to print money.

desolationstorm3762d ago

But your talking about polish like its just the story. So the plot for every mario game is the same? Who cares thats not what a polished game is. A polished game is a well playing game and when you get a big in house nintendo game that is exactly what you get. I dont get what your trying to argue here though. Are all sequels just more of the same? Does the fact that its a sequel mean the games requie any less polish to be a playable game? Do you mean because they have the foundation of mario set in place they can just phone it in the polish is already there?

The statement doesnt make sense because their games are polished they might not be your thing but the games are polished playable and enjoyable. I would have taken your comments a little more serious if you hadnt meantioned Polyphony Digital. Really you give me the company that has had basicly the best racing game since pso and done the same thing every time. So it takes more skill to make a race track and model cars? I wont argue that GT is basicly the best racer on the market if thats your type of thing but saying that they are a better developer because you have a biased opinion and prefer their games. When they realse soemthing other then a racing game let me know.

I dont have time to get into it more but try not to let bias opinion annoy you. Every developer you mentioned makes good games great in fact. But none have made games as long as nintendo nor with as much variety. Yes they use the franchises over and over and over again. Though they have a list of a crap ton of franchises and every generation they do come out with a new ip.

gumgum993761d ago

I think the best analogy here is music notes in general. Sure they're are the same number of notes used in every song, but look at how many songs you can create. Mario games are no different

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