StripClubDJ hits gamerscore of 100,000

In little over a year the first gamer to crack 100,000 GS was none other than StripClubDJ. 100,000 is a great feat and congrats to him for his…uhmm.hard work? Now if he's legit or using that game save cheat well that's between him and GOD

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highps34346d ago

Ummm okay get a life now? Possibly a real job?

ArmrdChaos4346d ago

He cheated...he admitted to cheating on another site. Cheating will continue to happen as long as sites keep giving these overcompensating a$$bags their 15 min. of fame. Acheivements was a way to prolong the life of a game by giving you a set of goals. Sure it is fun for some friendly competition between friends to go back an forth on points which is all I really worry about. What does irk the hell out of me is the fact that sites bother to make web celebs out of these obvious cheaters. Quit rewarding them by posting this crap. Microsoft should just reset the points every year and see how many people have heart attacks about Anyone who needs to make gamer points that big of a deal really needs to go into a 12 step program. =)

f1r3waII K1LL3r4346d ago

See If I didn't have to go school or work or have some sort of contact with the outer world maybe I would have 100,000 gamer points haha yeah.

PS360PCROCKS4346d ago

wow I have like 4,000 lol...but than again I have a job and a life

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The story is too old to be commented.