Diablo 3 - Everything We Know So Far

With Blizzard's Saturday announcement of Diablo 3 came a veritable whirlwind of details in the form of developer interviews, panels, and gameplay demonstrations. After becoming frustrated with the lack of consolidation, Shacknews has compiled a simple bullet-point list of all the known features, changes and additions to the series in the new sequel.

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Drekken3764d ago

Best compilation of info so far. Nice read, it answered a lot of my questions.

Jamzz3764d ago

I wonder what the system requirements are gonna be? Do I need to upgrade my graphics card to play this? I need to know. I want this game.

Daver3764d ago

Thats a great summary of what we know about this game so far

Tmac3764d ago

Upgrade your pc for diablo 3? Have you taken a look at the graphics, it's commodore at best.