Getting Everybody Back in the Game

Judging by sheer silicon horsepower, the Nintendo Wii is the least powerful of the new generation of video game systems. But for many people it will be the most fun, and that's what really matters.

Unlike Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, the Wii does not produce eyepopping high-definition graphics. Unlike its brawnier and more expensive brethren, it does not feature an extensive online service built around multiplayer gaming. Unlike the 360 and the PS3, the Wii isn't trying to be the most advanced digital entertainment system out there. Instead, the Wii (pronounced "we," not "why") is about rescuing gaming from the clutches of the hard-core young male demographic that has dominated the industry's thinking for years. It is about making video games accessible again by providing a simple, intuitive, relatively inexpensive entertainment experience that an entire family can actually enjoy together.

At that, the Wii succeeds admirably.

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PS360WII4369d ago

Nice write up. Yes I agree that Madden for the Wii was very well done. So oddly enough I have to say it. Good job EA. They handled the control issues with style and made it work nice. Rayman Raving Rabbids is a pretty fun game sept for some of the challengs leave your arms tired as hell. Making him run really fast by moving boths controllers up and down as fast as you can.... whew

Asylumchild4369d ago

dont forget about ZELDA!!!!! how could you forget about that game SOOOOOO much fun! Just beat the first boss!!!!! and got a extra heart!

Asylumchild4369d ago

Another thing that I like about the wii controlers is that when your playing you can just strech your arms out and all just lay back play zelda its so cofortable!

Marty83704369d ago

Wii is the least powerfull console more like Last Gen than Nex Gen,once the hype has died down.The Wiimote will be seen for what it is a gimmick that will wear of fast.

MicroGamer4369d ago

would be after all that Sony went through to have the highest tech toy on the market ever, if the Wii outsells it by a wide margin using last gen technology. The fanboys will probably commit hari-kiri with their Blu Ray discs.

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