PressSpotting: What reviewers can say and when

What to Say When They Say You Can't Say That;

The wider gaming world got a peek at the complex give-and-take between journalist and game publisher earlier this month. MTV's Multiplayer blog was the one that pulled back the curtain, reporting that Konami was prohibiting those with early review access to Metal Gear Solid 4 from discussing the game's install times and cutscene length in their reviews. The rumor was essentially confirmed later that day when IGN UK's review of the game admitted, "in return for letting us play Metal Gear Solid 4 before its release, Konami issued us with a list of things that we're not allowed to discuss." A few days later, a Kojima Productions team member revealed to Kotaku the exact contents of that list. A few days after that, 1UP's Jeremy Parish added the shocking revelation that Konami "presented [the non-disclosure agreements] to us at the literal last moment ... and made it clear that we wouldn't be leaving until we signed them."

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