Five releases to look forward to in July wrote, "June is over. Now it's time to see what awaits us in July. While the next 31 days are devoid of any huge franchise titles like Metal Gear Solid 4, there are a few diamonds in the rough that make the upcoming month enticing to many gamers.

Follow the jump to see what I believe are the 5 biggest releases for July."

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Azures3759d ago

SCIV is way bigger than either 360 UT3 or Gears re-release.

fox023758d ago

no1 is Soul Calibur IV.

Rhezin3759d ago

is going to be awesome, it should have been released on 360 first since it was probably even done before the ps3 version, but you know whiny ps3 fangirls like the one who wrote this article, they always get what they want like the spoiled brats they are.