Xbox One and Its Flimsy RAM Chips

Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock has put in his two penny’s worth as to why the Xbox One has been having issues hitting 1080p resolutions compared to the PS4. He kinda blamed it on the flimsy RAM chips.

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Ezz20133280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Sorry,I can't take his words as FACTS
i need to know what N4G developers think about this first

madmonkey013280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

you will soon get lots of expert opinions, dont worry.

my opinion is that this article doesn't really say anything, the writer doesn't seem to know the difference between DDR5 and GDDR5 either. DX12 will improve performance on X1 slightly, just as PS4 will get software improvements to improve its performance overtime as well.

4Sh0w3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Who cares, Im not jealous my neighbor has a super spec'd out pc...he still wants to play my console games while waiting for all those amazing pc games like Citizen or whatever that will blow us all away, meh to each his own, flaws are a inconvenience but I see minor differences at best for me it's all about the platform/environment I'll enjoy most, whatever hardware you praise just enjoy your games.

user55757083279d ago

my super expert opinion is that since the original xbox microsoft has used the cheapest parts possible to reduce manufacturing costs and rush production to market

TurboGamer3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

GDDR high throughput, high latancy.
DDR low throughput, low latancy.

GDDR memory is optimized for throughput which is good for GPU related tasks and not so good for CPU related tasks.

DDR memory is the exact opposite. It is optimized for latency which is good for CPU related tasks and not so good for GPU related tasks.

Higher resolution needs higher throughput(more pixels to fill) which means DDR is at a disadvantage against GDDR when it comes to resolution.

MRMagoo1233279d ago

Actually gddr5 doesnt have high latency but compared to ddr3 it has slightly higher latency.

UKmilitia3279d ago

u wrong there with the latency.

GDDR isnt high,its just higher than DDR,its still pretty damn fast

PizzImperfect3279d ago

GDDR has more swag than DDR. No G = No swag.

d0x3603279d ago

Wow... People, let's remember for a moment that gddr5 is based on ddr3 and is slower and has higher latency than ddr4 which is becoming standard on PC right now. Gddr5 is a bandaid on PC gpu's and is awful for CPU tasks. There is a reason they don't nor ever will use gddr5 for CPU memory.

GameNameFame3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

It is slightly high and APu is designed such that it negate it.

Funny you brin up something that dev never said it was an issue.

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SonofGod3280d ago

Funny, it's usually when a dev praises the XO the articles get flooded with armchair devs who says the opposite. Not the other way around.

gangsta_red3280d ago

This man right here is correct.

But I'm sure we will get the same back seat, internet developers that will agree with this article and start to use it in future console war arguments.

Pogmathoin3280d ago

What would Morgan Freeman say??

3279d ago
OldDude3279d ago

And its actually worse at, ya know... physics.

SonofGod3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


Yeah, I obviously must have meant that devs praise XO for having better memory than the PS4, because that makes totally sense. There's no way I could have meant anything else than the two console's RAM.

You should change your username to something a little less contradicting.

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Hamzaali3280d ago

totally agree with you ezz2013

NuggetsOfGod3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Both consoles are weak imo..

I had my 1080p 60hz tv since 2008... 6 years...

And you telling me xbox can only do 900p 30fps and ps4 1080 30fps?

they both can only handle 30fps (sometimes not) at an old ass resolution in 99.8% of games.
Ofcourse I dont expect it to handle 4k as its not even standard.

But 1080p is not even amazing anymore lol
Noone say wow 1080p looks amazing!! In 2014 it's more a regular thing.

I would think console would destroy these games at 1080p.

I remember when "full hd" was and over used marketing term but people have moved on.

Planetside 2 came out 2 years ago and ps4 will lose 800 players
And is now only 30fps.

If u ask me both sony and ms cheaped out.

I can only imagine next consoles will be 3k upscaled to 4k 30fps.

The real issue though with consoles is not power of hardware just the lack of power given to console gamers.

If devs gave console gamers the option to switch to 720p 60fps I would have less complaints.

But since 1080p is a must have for most of u. It will be interesting to see how
Both consoles preform in 3 years.

Consoles are optimized but preformance is never optimal.

I imagine my disagree will mostly be from sony gamers as they are
A lil more sensitive (in love) with their hardware.

The low standards of console gamers and damage control is miltiplstform.

Why not demand more next gen? Wont hurt u?

Maybe I just love technology and hate to see it be held back by the masses.


roland823280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Power cost money. Don't think anyone would buy a console that cost $1000. I also don't think ms or sony would be willing to take a several hundred dollar loss on each console sold either.

SonyAddict3279d ago

Dude in every article sounding like a real moon unit!.

PizzImperfect3279d ago

I think comparing a games console/media centre to a standalone TV is an utterly retarded comparison.

Angeljuice3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Why do you constantly troll every console article going? What do you get from it?

The fact is that the reasons P.C. games are "held back" are nothing to do with consoles, they are;

1) PC gamers are cheap when it comes to buying software. When was the last time you payed full price for a PC game? Do you think that endears you to the development community?

2) PC has no 'Champion'. Microsoft and Sony both put a lot of time, money and effort into supporting, sponsoring and nurturing the development community. Who does the same for the PC market? Nobody.

3) Piracy. The open nature of PC design makes it far easier to play games that you haven't payed for. The situation has improved with the advent of steam and similar services, but that doesn't diminish the fact that billions of dollars of software revenue has been pilfered over the years causing many developers to go out of business entirely.

4)PC is predominantly a hardware market, that is where the money is made. Consoles are the place to be if you want to make money from software, that's what draws the best developers to them.

Pointless trolling of console articles won't change the situation whatsoever, so please give it up.

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uth113280d ago

Xbox One RAM is flimsy because it's made of balsa wood. Should have used oak.

/armchair developer mode off

LordMaim3279d ago

Article written by "Staff Reporter"? Seriously? This should never have been approved.

Gaming247allday3279d ago

Games are doing better on Xbox One now compared to the launch

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stuna13280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

This issue comes down to Microsoft cheaping out on the hardware as a whole. Microsoft could have developed a console twice as powerful as the PS4, especially with all the money barrels lying around.

The truth is Sony surprised not only Microsoft, but Nintendo as well, by what they released. Back before Sony and Microsoft released information concerned their plans for the next generation of consoles, you could hear it quite frequently on this site. First from the Nintendo supporters, that the WII U had the most advanced hardware on the market as far as consoles were concerned, and it was unlikely that Microsoft or, Sony would be able to muster up anything better or more powerful. At the time they were partially right! It was the most powerful at the time, but they never expected Sony or Microsoft to leave them in last place power wise.

Next Microsoft supporters kept bringing up the argument that Sony was so far into Bankruptcy that the Next Xbox (Xbox1) would win the power struggle by default, simply because Sony was/is so far in debt that it was simply impossible for Sony to compete hardware wise with the proverbial giant Goliath (Microsoft)!

In retrospect Sony used the idea and somewhat accurate information that the company as a whole was in such dire straits as an advantage over their competitors and it's paying off!

It's not always about having the most money and resources to work with! Sometimes it about working with the least amount of money and resources and, making the best out of what you have! Sony displayed strategic finesse that was IMO brilliant.

cell9893280d ago

it was masterful how everything just came together for Sony Starting with the PS4 reveal

PraxxtorCruel3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Or maybe the reason they let MS go first was because they had 2 prototypes and needed to see how consumers would react to MS's reveal and adjust accordingly! :p

Spotie3280d ago

Yeah, because the almost bankrupt Sony would have spent double the millions developing two separate consoles in anticipation of whatever Microsoft had. And they somehow knew BEFORE Microsoft's reveal, and thus they could be assured that when they revealed in February, they'd still be ahead of whatever MS unveiled months later.

Do you realize how utterly stupid that sounds?

GameSpawn3279d ago

Part of it was that the price of GDDR5 chips dropped at just the right time. Sony originally had 4GB of GDDR5 budgeted.

Microsoft knew this, but because of the multi-OS (hypervisor) setup they had their system demanded 8GB and they already decided that 8GB of GDDR5 was out of their budget and went with DDR3 and added in ESRAM to compensate for the throughput difference (arguably; this came at an expense by taking away space from other things [the GPU] on the APU).

At the very last minute GDDR5 memory chips dropped enough in price that Sony was able to budget in 8GB instead of 4GB and still make the price point they wanted. Microsoft had to make their decision earlier than Sony because their OS setup demanded it; Sony was running a single OS and didn't face the same issues. Sony was able to hold their cards close and really take Microsoft off guard.

ltachiUchiha3280d ago

Totally agree mate. All this money ppl talk about MS has and all but u nailed it on the head. Why is it so hard for them to build a better console with those billions of dollars they have yet they make a inferior console compared to the ps4 yet they sell it for $100 more lol. How the hell is that any way to support your loyal fans. I know its all about choice and what gamers prefer but why boast about how much money MS has but they seem to give u very little? Doesnt make any sense smh.