Gamedaily: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Even though the real Tiger Woods is currently recovering from knee surgery, that doesn't mean his season is over. Video game golfers can still take control of him or a number of pre-selected PGA Tour golfers this August when Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 arrives on store shelves. Like previous games in the series, this game makes you feel as if you're right there on the links, swatting away at that little white sucker. However, several refinements promise to make this edition the best one to date.

Woods isn't the only real-life golf influence this time around. His personal coach, Hank Haney, provides you advice in four areas to improve your overall golfing performance – short game, putting, power and accuracy. Short game is your approach to the green from chip shots or bunker shots. Putting is as expected, depending on how well you hit the ball. Power and accuracy speak for themselves, not only focusing on the drive you put behind your club, but where you aim it. Haney teaches these skills through an individual set of brand-new Challenges, which you must complete in order to get his approval. For instance, the Power mini-games require you to hit the ball a certain distance before you go on. These tasks are intimidating at first, but far from impossible. You can take them in any order you wish, in case you feel you'll have better luck with the Putting games than the Accuracy ones."

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