Soul Calibur IV Achievements revealed. offers a look at the Achievements for the upcoming release of SoulCalibur IV.

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PSTAVY3858d ago

These achievements look great hopefully they'll make trophies for the ps3 version

Azures3858d ago

Yea I'm just looking at these like trophies now too lol. I wonder if the trophy equiv to these would be a gold or bronze (i.e. worth the gold, or aiming higher by making them minimum requirements).

Mr PS33858d ago

That's Last Gen
Tell us about the Trophy's

GiantEnemyCrab3858d ago

What's a trophy? OHhh those achievement wannabe's.

There aren't any! LOL

Rhezin3858d ago

who don't even know how to spell trophies yet.

Achievements are for people who actually conquered a specific area in a 360 game.

PirateThom3858d ago

Some of my achievements:

UNO! - Successfully call UNO! and win the game. - 10G
Label Designer - Made a Custom Label - 20G
Medal of Honor - Complete Mass Effect Playthrough - 100G
Trusty Hardware - Get the crowbar. - 5G

Yeah, lots of conquering there.... also known as - "JUST PLAYING THE GAME"

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The story is too old to be commented.