Lost Planet - Multiplayer text size update

Capcom is listening and taking the game community to heart.

"We have noticed the recent concern about the text size in Lost Planet for SDTV users, in particular the "Elimination" mode of the multiplayer game where players' scores are displayed on the top left of the screen. We want to assure gamers that we have already implemented a solution for text display in Elimination, which will be reflected in the final game (although it's unfortunately not in the demo)."

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TOM4345d ago

I take it those of us who had no problem withthe text size will now have text thats too big. the letters in dead rising was plenty large enough.
Like everyone knows,,,you cant please everyone all of the time. So I assum this means people will whine about the text being too big for people who arent too cheap to buy a proper tv.

calderra4344d ago

Yeah, the text is fine on a 30"+ HDTV. So anyone with that is going to be fine.

For the other 99% of us, it's an issue.

PS360PCROCKS4345d ago

Thanks Capcom this doesn't affect me, but thank god your listening

jib4345d ago

would it be that hard to just include a choice in the options menu to either make the fonts big or small for either sdtv or hdtv users?

PS360WII4345d ago

I don't think it'll be a problem for those with hd-tv's. Text won't be crazy big no worries. But you kind of have to feel sorry for capcom on this. The public will never let them forget about Dead Rising

Asylumchild4345d ago

Well I couldent really read the text but I could see what place I was in and for me that was good enoph and wy did they call it lost planet why not call it GEARS OF WAR IN THE SNOW or FROZEN GEARS

m234345d ago

This game is nothing like Gears of War. You actually run out and shoot, unlike in gears where you duck and stuff.

BIadestarX4344d ago

munish23; don't bother trying to explain a color to a blind fanboy. You must be an idiot to compare Gears of war to lost planet. and we have a winner!

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