ZTGD Review: Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (PS3)

A classic revival of games of yore, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 is a nostalgia-heavy addition to the Commando series. Jam-packed with ammunition, the top-down shoot-em-up is woefully light on substance.

There are three playable characters at your disposal, Wolf, Coyote and Fox. Throw them all together, give it a mix and you get the Jackals, some elite military types abandoned by The Man after winding up in an enemy internment camp. With the team broken loose so they can put a stop to some pending world domination, you're equipped to mow down a sea of variably armed enemies. Each character has different strengths - speed, health, grenades, you get the idea - all of them handy traits on the battlefield. The stylized characters are very stock, and not particularly reminiscent of Commando. On the whole the game is big on action and short on character and story, but this is an action game, shouldn't there be embarrassingly stinted dialog somewhere?

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butterfinger3762d ago

was a pretty good remake of an arcade classic:) Definitely at least check out the demo on PSN or Live.

MAiKU3762d ago

It was a great title for me to try out from the psn, i bought it and had a blast. Though at times it can get kind of nerve-wrecking when you're trying to do online co-op because there's a number of reasons why it won't work.

-their or your Net is too slow.
-the person who joined your lobby is too impatient to wait for a third.
-Network errors from one ps3 can cause the other ps3's gameplay go all glitchy (when one guy died, me and the other guy became invincible for some reason and yet we couldn't do any damage..)

You can pretty much beat the game one a two star level difficulty with just one guy in your party.