The Male/Female Attack Speed Issue Clarified, Will Take Weeks to Correct

Svein Erik "Sharum" Jenset of Funcom today let loose a lengthy explanation of the Male versus Female attack speed issue that players have noticed in recent weeks, and just how soon players can expect a fix. TenTonHammer has the entire post.

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Azures4739d ago

Talk about a terrible game.

Silellak4739d ago

I'd prefer not to talk about WoW.

Ghoul4739d ago

conan is no terrible game it has it flaws like any mmo, and funcom is working hard and patching many things in a very short time. stop bashing and whining about something that is handled properly, or go sign the diablo 3 artdirection petition.

Icy4739d ago

for once a game puts something realistic in.... shock horror males are stronger and do more damage... unheard off, lets remove it... all this balance issues... why is it exactly there has to be balance in every game for every class or whatever... why cant we just let those people who want a tougher challenge pick class or sex that puts them at a disadvantage.... plus with mmo you gonna stare at your characters ass for 100s of hours... it might as well be a female one... small price to pay for doing a little less damage.

kesvalk4739d ago

Icy is right, women have less power, but are much more nimble, a woman make a frightening assassin (remember the sayings of sniper wolf "97% of the assassins of the world are women") of course like avery good MMO you can customise your char, so you cam make powerful women or stealthy Men, or this game is crappy at the point you can't even customise your char?

zagibu4739d ago

The fact that more women are assassins has nothing to do with them being more nimble. It has to do with the fact, that most assassination targets are heterosexual males.