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GamesRadar - Jonathan Blow doesn't do demos. Last week, the esteemed developer brought four full builds of the Witness to the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. If you were enough of an asshole to ignore the growing queue of tutting people slowly amassing, you could play through it from start to finish. Me, I last an hour (I get nervous when I can't solve a puzzle and start picturing the punters over my shoulder taking the piss out of me for being stupid). But the hour I play gives me the most enigmatic, enchanting hour I've had with a game in a long time.

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fermcr2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Is it exclusive ... or timed exclusive ? PC version the same time as the PS4?

the_dark_one2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

timed. but pc later i think, dont know if xbox one will get it

3-4-52319d ago

* Question:

I love the art style, but are all the "puzzle" just connecting lines together ? "

I watched the last gameplay of it and it was........different.

Those "Puzzles" or mazes seem like a Wiiware or DS $2.99 game or something.

Did I miss something in the video or has something else been explained about the gameplay ?

I feel like I'm missing something here.

pivotplease2319d ago

If you look at the first reveal stuff you'll see that there are a variety of puzzle mechanics and the game gets deeper and more varied as you progress/travel to the other areas that have their own designated theme.

3-4-52319d ago

K, good to know. Seems like an interesting game.

KiRBY30002319d ago

knowing that these guys made Braid, I'd say there is more than meets the eye in The Witness.

give us a freakin release date already.

Relientk772319d ago

Cant wait til we get a release date for this beautiful puzzle game

jay22319d ago

Sounds like he's a bit f'ed. he's late and he's got 6 months to complete it or out of dosh oh dear. Hope this comes out soon, I was pumped for this but its been so long

pivotplease2319d ago

I still can't believe they went from the 4ish hours of Braid to this 30 to 40 hour game. Pretty ridiculous. Might be a good game to sit down and play for a few hours at a time...not one that you would grind through.