Steam Winter Sale rumored to begin December 18th via PayPal e-mail

An e-mail sent by the Japanese branch of popular digital wallet service PayPal has supposedly revealed the dates for the upcoming Steam Winter Sale.

According to the aforementioned PayPal Japan e-mail, the Steam Winter Sale is set to start on December 18th, however there is no mention of how long it will last. Judging by previous Steam sales, it will most likely last about a week.

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my wallet is not ready for this.

DesertFoxJr2482d ago

Neither is mine. Brokevember took its toll on my wallet.

ATi_Elite2482d ago

Yeah more cheap games to buy that I'll never play but hey they are dirt cheap.

Steam is single handily keeping multi TB Hdd manufacturers in business.

Rivitur2482d ago

My god... We just got through that other sale... Also humble bundle sale is going on and 25% off GMG sale is on still with vouchers.

DesertFoxJr2482d ago

It's both a blessing and a curse, my friend.