PDC World Championship Darts flies to 360 and PSP

GameSpot: For those who fancy a few virtual rounds, the championship was made into PDC World Championship Darts on PC and PlayStation 2 in 2006, with a 2008 version coming out earlier this year on the PC, PS2, and Wii. Now two more versions of the 2008 iteration are coming--one for the Xbox 360, and one for the PlayStation Portable.

The 360 version of the game will offer a new online multiplayer mode so gamers will be able to compete against other players in Exhibition matches. There will also be the obligatory leaderboards, along with viewable statistics.

The PSP version of the game will have wireless multiplayer and game sharing. Owners of the handheld version of the game will be able to import custom photos to put on their profiles, and choose the MP3s they want to use as the soundtrack to the game from a memory stick.

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