Sony Names Touch Screen Device After Phil Harrison

Spong Write: Sony is apparently working on touch screen devices with gaming firmly in mind. One such device, according to the EETimes site is named Phil Harrison.

According to the US Patent Office, a patent referenced to 20080150911, refers to a "A hand-held electronic device..."

The inventor is stated as Phil Harrison... can't be the same Phil as the one who has recently departed Sony for Infogrames/Atari? Can it?

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TheHater3814d ago

if this is true. It shows how much respect Sony have for this Man.

Tomdc3813d ago

I loved how his head was so shiny =P

Chris Bosh3813d ago

Lenghthy british lookin alien.
But a nice guy, and has revolutionized playstation.

N4Gisbiased3813d ago

Is it called the Backstab then Flop?

Real gamer 4 life3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

They should have respect for him because he was one of the great contributors of the great success of what is known today as Playstation.Phil was there since the beginning, him and ken kutaragi is the reason why Playstation is so popular today.

3814d ago
kingme713814d ago

That picture looks like a photo from the 1930's... Maybe Phil is a Highlander.

There can be only one.....console this generation

Skerj3814d ago

You win the day with that comment, when I read "Highlander" I almost choked on my juice. Bubbles to you sir.

kingme713813d ago

:) Thanks for the bubble

Isn't there a Highlander game coming out sometime soon?

MazzingerZ3813d ago

yeah, that pic gives the impression he died a long time ago...well, that's the only way most of the people get recognition for what they did in life...and mr. Harrison definitely deserves recognition, he is behind games concepts like Singstar, Buzz, Eye Toy, etc and believed on gaming as a way to bring families together...

but he never got full support from Sony Japan, SCEJ never thought a console could compete with the Japanese arcade party games...and look at the Wii today...I think Phil's frustration was he gave that formula to Sony long time ago and they didn't take he felt it was time to move on

can you imagine when Kutaragi passes away?...he will have the status the inventor of Pong doesn't today. Well deserved, though.

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DX F3NIX3814d ago

so PSP2 is coming in a couple of years?

Real gamer 4 life3814d ago

They may be getting started on the psp2, or it could just be a phone. Nobody but Sony knows.

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