Proven Fake: PS3 Screenshot Depicting PS2 Download Capability Busted

Chad Lakkis of Ripten writes:

"Many sites (including ours) reported the Sony was denying the PS2 download rumor, but were also quick to add that this may be another case of corporate double talk on the part of Sony. The company did this a few months ago when rumors circulated regarding a price cut. They claimed to have no plans for it only to have the price cut take effect a few days later.

So we have one side screaming fake and the other side claiming to have an inside source within company. Who is telling the truth? I could have just waited for E3 to find out, but unfortunately I am not that patient."


Story title updated by author. At the time that I submitted this story the title read as it does above. The title currently reads:

"Proclaimed Fake: PS3 Screenshot Depicting PS2 Download Capability Examined"

The author issued the following update regarding the change:

"Update: I decided to change the headline of this story based on feedback recieved from readers. I also want to be clear that I am not claiming the PS3 console will never get the ability to download PS2 titles -- I am however questioning the validity of the image."

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sonarus3765d ago

I don't really see this as conclusive evidence but could very well be fake

McErono3765d ago

same here - I don't see his proof of fake at all!?

Nostradavis3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

You are entitled to your opinion, but in my eyes that screen is fake.

I am not hating on the PS3 or Sony. I own both every console out there minus the Wii because I can't be bothered with jumping up and down just to play a videogame.

This person overlooked one detail and it came back to haunt him/her. That is that.

sonarus3765d ago

Yea but when you say whoever did it used the wrong description that really isn't anything to take as fake. Not all games use official game descripton when put on psn. Konami might have wanted it changed.

It could be fake but i really don't think that proves its fake. If anything the closest to fake we have gotten so far has to be sony denial

Nostradavis3765d ago

I understand what you are saying, but the description is not even close. It is talking about a revamped version of the game (which is exactly what the Substance series is). Their is no reason to put that description underneath the original game.

Now I could understand if the description was a variation of the original description. For example, the box copy is slightly different from the copy that appears on Konami's site, and the summary given for the game on IGN is also slightly different, but NONE are exact matches for the Substance version of the game. That game was marketed differently.

Bottom line is, this person got lazy and screwed up.

Pornlord3765d ago

Good catch man, this screen may be fake, but it's still a good idea right? Speculation on whether it will or will not be is only gonna lead to stupid arguments between intelligent people anyway. But I see your point, maybe not conclusive, simply because the thought is out there now. :) You know how we gamers are, we love to get our hopes up.

sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Well maybe it will be released with all the content available in substance. Who knows. My point basically is this is very very far from a conclusive fake. I mean it could have been photoshopped and then taken off screen with a camera but that really doesn't prove it. If it was a mispelling or something like that i would be more inclined to believe it.

Fake or not, PS2 games will be coming to PS3 sooner or later in downloadable form

This guy claims it will be announced at E3. If it does happen, proclaiming it fake based off very poor evidence should only pinch the guys credibility a little

Nostradavis3765d ago

Lets be clear here. He is proclaiming that the screen itself is fake. He is not saying that PS2 downloads will never come to the PS3, that would be a foolish statement to make.

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LiquifiedArt3765d ago

If Ripten is wrong your gonna look like a stooge. What FAN would add BOUNCER and FANTAVISION to there PS2 Release line up. I mean COME ON. Either the Faker is a GENIUS or he has POOR TASTE.

Wheres God of War, Final Fantasy, R&C, Jak&Dax, SPYRO. etc..

Zhuk3765d ago

Of course its fake, Sony is incapable of building a half decent radio let alone write a working software emulator for the PS2, Microsoft has got the Xbox running on the 360 years ago, a much more complex and powerful piece of hardware than the PS2 ever was.

Sony, years behind as always

butterfinger3765d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot there was an XBOX before the 360. Did somebody buy one of those?

NO_PUDding3765d ago

Xbox was way simpler than PS2. That's why it was dumped so early.

Anyway, one of the main reasons I support the Sony brand is becuase they are more reliable and are the only innovative oens in this generation. Maybe Microsoft shoudl stop copying, and make sure next generation, there isn't a glaring joke, such as the RROD.

GodsHand3765d ago

Of course they got the xbox games working on the 360, because the 360 is incapable of running 360 games. If you try playing a 360 game you run the risk of getting the RR.. do I have to spell it.

Mr PS33765d ago

Sony, years behind as always

Check out MGS4

nos4speed3765d ago

lmao no one cares about the origional xbox thats the problem with your statement, the PS2 is still going strong with news games still being developed and sales that are still stable in some parts of the world. Sony sticks with their products.

juuken3765d ago

Behind my ass.
And while you're at it, get a freakin' life.

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Nostradavis3765d ago

Bottom line is that the person got lazy and didn't think anyone would examine it that closely. Sony is not going to get the description wrong for one of their most recognizable titles. The faker screwed up and that is that.

butterfinger3765d ago

nobody had their hopes up for this. It would be neat if they started it, but I couldn't see some one on the N4G forums being the person to leak a screenshot like that.

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