Gears Of War Casing

Gears of War is a third-person action game from Unreal developer Epic. The game features top notch graphics and game play that includes a giant gun with a chainsaw attached to it.

That said, the game has easily picked up millions of fans, and it's no surprise someone has already made a kick ass case mod for it.

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THWIP4340d ago

...that is f***ing SICK! 0_0

RBlaze4340d ago

Something a bit 'not pretty' bout showin the insides like that i think. I can see why people like it, jus wish theyd make full body cases which didnt leave the insides viewable

highps34340d ago

Ive seen a lot better. I like the geared window though.

PS360PCROCKS4340d ago

Agree with #1 That's FUC*ING SICK!

matt19914340d ago

that is 1 of the best i seen were can i get 1

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