MS Australia: We expect sales spike with price drop, heavy advertising

Maxconsole Write

"Speaking to GameSpot, Jeremy Hinton of Xbox noted that MS do expect sales to spike as with any price drop. He remarked, previously with price drops they didn't see an immediate spike, but now people are sat with 'bated breath' sure they want an Xbox 360 and are ready to pounce on a price drop. He went on to say that the price cut would be supported with a marketing campaign to let consumers know just how cheap things have got for the 360 in Australia."

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niall773759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

because that cut didnt do much

The 360 needs more then just lower price.. MS should bundle some games (and a free year with live) with new systems IMO

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

They should definitely bundle more games other than Forza 2 and Marvel,I suggest they work out a deal with Epic and start bundling GeOW before GeOW 2 comes out.

NO_PUDding3759d ago

Condoleeza, excellent idea. If Microsoft listened to you, they'd do themselves a favour.


Seriosuly hadn't even though of that.

thenickel3759d ago

Hey thats actually a good idea Rice and something that would surely increase sales.

butterfinger3759d ago

a Fable 2 bundle would do well also. MS could also use a Banjo bundle to push sales to more casual gamers as well since that seems to be the target audience for all of the companies since the Wii's success.

Megaton3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Agreed with the Gears bundle, but they seem to be against packing good games with their consoles. I'm guessing it's because they'd rather have their consumers go back and buy the good games once they realize the two packed in with the console are crap. The Halo 3 console didn't even come with Halo 3, go figure.

I'd consider buying one post-price drop if it were packed with Gears. Throw in Beautiful Katamari, a free year of XBL, and the rumored 60gig hard drive on top of that, and I'd most definitely buy one. Hell, if it came with all of that, I'd buy it for the price it's at now.

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Real gamer 4 life3759d ago

Isn't the xbox 360 cheaper then the wii in europe as well? So Microsoft is trying to break into nintendo's casual market. I don't think a price cut is going to be enough, unless there going to be introducing their own nunchuks controller with motion sensing. But at this point in time, i think its going to be to late for either Sony or Microsoft to be introducing there own motion sensing controller. Because the wii is already established itself throughout the market, and i don't see the casual gamers making the job to the 360 just cause they copied of nintendo controllers. But time will tell, however Sony in the other hand has to make a move to stay competitive with Microsoft. Many analyst are saying that Sony will be forced to drop the price of their console if Microsoft drops theirs first. So we will see what happens.

Marty83703759d ago

M$ will be in for a long wait. Gamers are going where the reliable hardware is: PS3 or Wii.

avacadosnorkel3759d ago

MS is drinking some funny Kool-Aid if they think dropping price now is going to save the day. They should have done this a year ago when Sony had no games.

Beg For Mercy3759d ago

will buy it but its not gonna be a crush the ps3 or wii sales spike

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