Review: LEGO Indiana Jones (PS3)

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"To be honest, it's hard to expect anything here other than LSW with whips and blunderbusses rather than lightsabers and laser pistols, but with a winning formula that gives you simplicity and a little bit of hidden depth too, it's hard to argue with a game such as Lego Indiana Jones. From the Lost Temple's boulder dash in Raiders of the Lost Ark to the boat chase in The Last Crusade and even the mine cart scenes from Temple of Doom, all of your favourite scenes are recreated with a gentle attention to detail. This attention extends from the characters to the way levels are decorated and expanded to accommodate gameplay and the various 'comedy re-enactments' of famous moments in the cut-scenes that litter each level. If you can call lots of Sims-style mumbling and over-exaggerated facial expressions 'comedy' then fair play; to everyone else it'll be mildly amusing the first time around and merely annoying afterwards."

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