130° lists Diablo 3 as 27th March, 2009 - Pre-ordering available now

During our search for the Diablo Battle Chest bundle on, we noticed that Diablo III is available for pre-order at £24.99, and has a release date of 27th March, 2009. Could this be the intended release date for Diablo III?

We cannot be sure until Blizzard officially announces it, as retail listings are often incorrect. But since its Diablo III, we wanted to let you know.

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ry-guy3858d ago

Wooo hooo my birthday.

However, we all know this is so far out into deep left field it isn't even credible.

The game will probably see a 2010 release.

vilmer3858d ago

While this would be FANTASTIC, remember kids this same site announced a 2005 release for FFXIII!

AliC3858d ago

Blizzard Never announce release dates until they know the game is ready any website claiming to know the release dates are merely speculating.

Remember they announced Starcraft 2 last year and they have already said it will not be released in 2008.