Sony Blu-ray or Downloads for Xbox 360 and next-gen writes: "What will the future gamers and movie watchers want for their choice of media? Some people believe that Sony's Blu-ray format is doing fine in sales of Blu-ray games, data and movies, while other people have the view that Blu-ray is tanking in a big way. We do live in a world that is either very mixed in views or misinformed on facts.

One option other than Blu-ray could be the Super Upscale future for DVDs, we have heard Toshiba working on something like that and this would apparently make the need for Blu-ray movies not necessary. That would have to be seen, but if it would be possible to upscale a DVD to near Blu-ray quality. Why the need for dearer Blu-ray discs?

Price will always be an important factor in the sales of Blu-rays, since we saw HD-DVD pull out of the format war the Blu-ray prices have increased and this will not increase sales. With Billions of DVDs in the world it would be a good choice for the people and environment to increase the quality of these through technology."

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Capt CHAOS3786d ago

just easier and less of a headache.. DVDs also take up too much space anyway.

Drekken3786d ago

Problem is storage space and data corruption. Not to mention bandwidth on a high scale level.

I would rather own the physical medium

P4KY B3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Exactly, the problem of storing the physical media. CD cases, DVD cases etc. They all take up a lot of space.

"and data corruption", who cares, just download it again.

OgTheClever3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

It's actually a lot cheaper per byte to store data with current physical means, ie. discs, rather than to buy a number of hardrives.

Also, it would still be at least a decade before download speeds FOR EVERYONE can catch up, and this will still only be in wealthy areas of certain countries.

AceLuby3786d ago

And when it happens a second, or third time (how many times do you get to download the game?), or if you want to bring it over to a friends, or trade it w/ a buddy once you both finish it?

Unless all of these issues are solved I would MUCH rather have a disc.

player9113786d ago

I'm for Digital downloads when it comes to movies, which I think this topic is about.

Gaming is an entirely different realm. Digital downloads for gaming would be horrible unless they allowed taking the game across consoles... which we all know they won't.

Digital downloads are great for ease of use. No more running to the video store or worrying about having nothing to watch late at night. The sad KEY note is that it will be restrictive.

The movie industry would rather you NOT take the movie to a friends house or allow you to lend it to other people. One person could buy a movie disc and pass it around to several of his/her friends. Same goes with games.

If everything goes to digital downloads, borrowing, lending, reselling, buying used... all goes away.

The good thing is that if everything is digital downloadable... it would only be a matter of time until it gets hacked and allows anything through.

There really isn't a good response to this answer because both offer great/horrible pros/cons.

One idea would be encrypted key codes... like a user/pass that gives you access to ANY movie you previously bought. For example my HDD only stores several games/movies at a time. My collection is online and accessible via my "usb memory key" that provides me with access to my content from any home.

The USB encrypted key could be linked to MY home equipment thus allowing "temporary" showings of my collection on others equipment.

KingME3786d ago

I would have to disagree, I have my dvd movies in a bookshelf and I noticed that I had room for about 2 more movies and I am going to need another bookshelf, which will probably cost me about 150-300 bucks. But that's not half the problem the bigger problem is where am I going to store the new bookshelf.

I definitely need to get into digital distro, I can buy 1TB of HD space for about 180.00 (Newegg) and place it in my media center that is already under my HD TV. That would give me space for about 125 movies at 8 meg each. So I think digital download in the long run is cheaper and take up much less physical space.

ThanatosDMC3786d ago

They're selling a 2TB external hard drive for $700... but it's as big as 1 cubic foot box. There's probably 2 hard drives in it... and $700 is too much. That's my rent and groceries.

Sayai jin3786d ago

Look back at the CD's or MP3's battle. Sure it doe snot seem like downloading a CD or MP3 is that big of a deal, but a few years back it would take hours to download song and just forget about a whole CD, then high ASDN, then Cable, and so on and so forth. Back then hard drive were 3 to 10 GB, but every year technology take leaps and bounds to improve. Those who worry about data corruotion, companies will allow you to download a game or movie you have already purchased so no need to worry. Disk storage space will not be a problem, becuase hard drives get cheaper and biger everyday. Internet speed and bandwitdh, several month ago a Japanese companies launched a satellite that produced internet speed . While this will be expensive and a small market at first ideas and tech will wpawn from this. Remember when High speed was only affordable and for big business at one time. Some of you are to young to remember any of what I am saying. Onc again, digital media (MP3's) did not fully replace cd's, but it provided another alternative. Which format won, well you decide, but how many people do you see walkign around with prtable CD players in the subways, gyms etc. Keep that in mind.

Game on...

znu3786d ago

Neither will win

I actually prefer although not high definition, Rogers VOD
They usually have all movies on DVD
No downloading, just click and watch on your digital set
Easy, simple, don't need to buy anything
No storage space (as in DATA) issue
movies deactivate after certain time and can't be copied

Not HD
can't take over to a friends house
movies only active for 24 hours

Overall it's better than downloading and you don't have to go out and buy it... but it's not HD

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LiquifiedArt3786d ago

I however, cannot see the feasiblity in downloading 50gigabytes of data. Who would acutally want to do that? For 480p and maybe even 720p Downloads will be prevelant, but for 1080p its just too much space.

Heres a cheer for more Bandwith ALL AROUND! WooT!

mabreu3786d ago

This is so very true.

Booourns3786d ago

Physical Media is not going anywhere anytime soon.

If these ISPs start to cap on the amount of bandwidth (like in Texas) then people will not pay the extra price for it. Too many things to worry about right now (high gas prices, foreclosures, increasing energy bills etc)

KingME3786d ago

And how does that help in the argument for owning the physical disk. Which you have to buy, and then spend gasoline to go and get it. If I downloaded an HD movie and paid 10 dollars for it and the same movie was 24 dollars at the store AND I had to spend gas to go and get it. Which one do you think is cheaper?

actionjackson3786d ago

I agree in part. However the true problem I see is that although the new generation of tech savvy individuals understand the concept of downloading music/films/games, the masses of older people (the ones with the money) are technologically inept. I personally think that downloadable content is the wave of the future, but it's the distant future, since most people do not trust or understand the technology yet. By having a physical version of the property you purchase, people do not hesitate to buy. They have peice of mind and they feel as though they have total control over the product. But when the property is intangible (i.e. downloaded to hard drive), most old-fashioned people can't understand what they are purchasing. In sum, Blu-Ray, or any form of physical media, is the best choice for the current generation, but downloadable content is the direction of the future.

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