Evil Avatar: Secret Agent Clank Review

Evil Avatar writes: "For those of you thinking the latest game in the Ratchet and Clank universe is going to be just like the others, Secret Agent Clank on the PSP is a different beast entirely. Given that this is supposedly Clank's first solo mission you would think the game would revolve around him, but he is only the biggest piece that you play as. Throughout the game you will play as Ratchet, Clank's Gadgebots and even Captain Quark in what amounts to side missions you can choose from after the initial one for each character.

When you play as Clank you generally play the same way you have with the other games in the series, but there are three sections that pop up multiple times that make a first appearance here. The first is when Clank goes into a rhythm-based mini-game during a level. This usually revolves around laser security, but you follow the on-screen button prompts, including holding buttons down, in order to make it through the section. If you make mistakes, Clank is hurt a bit and as long as you don't drop to 0 in life points during these sections you're golden. However if you aren't good at rhythm-based play you could become very frustrated by this and have to go through multiple times."

The Good:
-Graphics are good for a PSP game
-The voiceovers, as always, are excellent
-The Captain Quark side missions
-Same basic series gameplay is here, with some additions that you may or may not like

The Bad:
-Ratchet's arena levels are hard
-The rhythm sections really bothered me, but I did get through them

The Ugly:
-Watching as I fail yet again at a rhythm section

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OgTheClever3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

The score looks a little harsh when comparing their good and bad points.

This is bad editing because I've just noticed the score is out of 5, not 10.

Cyrus3653858d ago

My bad, score is fixed, it should be 3.5 out of 5, not out of 10.