Report - Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition Update Breaks Visuals On The PC, Bioware Issues Statement

DSOGaming writes: "The latest update for Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently live, however it seems that it breaks the visuals on the game’s PC version. According to various reports, the hair of some characters have some silver artifacts, while their faces feel ‘weird.’ And after trying it ourselves, we can confirm the existence of those graphical bugs."


Can a mod replace the link? Here is the right one (with the statement from Bioware)

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joab7771464d ago

It's like it changes initial choices that were made. When u choose a custom hawke, it always reverts ur voice to choice 1.

JazMac341464d ago

The title mentions that "Bioware issues statement" but the article contains no such statement.

CyrusLemont1464d ago

Disregarding the fact the it would illegal, would it be morally wrong to download the PC version of Dragon Age Inquisition even though I've already purchased it on PS4?

ArchangelMike1464d ago

It would be illogical as well.

I like the way you make a distinction between 'illegal' and, 'morally wrong.' I would have thought that they were the same thing?!

FullmetalRoyale1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Is an elderly person, with cancer, and in excruciating pain, smoking marijuana in a state in which it is not yet legalized immoral?

Not everything is black and white.

CyrusLemont1464d ago

Laws and morality don't always correlate, it's why I always get irritated by people who follow the law blindly. Don't forget the people who make them! These days, most made aren't in the interest of protecting, but instead invading and persecuting.

frelyler1464d ago

In the case above yes. However, if you owned the PC version, then downloaded the PC version off a torrent site it would be a hard case to prove in court. You already own said game and the digital torrent you got would merely be a backup copy, which you are allowed to do with music, movies and other mediums. You cannot distribute them however, that would be illegal.

CyrusLemont1464d ago

It's such an awesome game, to be honest, I just want to see how the visuals look on my system, a trial in a way. It's a huge game and I couldn't bother playing through it on another platform, but it's always interesting to see the differences. Multiplatform discs would be a pretty awesome thing don't you think! There's probably a million ways it could go wrong though.

frelyler1462d ago

To the disagrees, reality and case precedence says your are wrong.