Sony Selling 20th Anniversary PS4 For £19.94 In London

Sony will be almost giving away limited edition PS4s tomorrow in London.

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-Foxtrot2382d ago

Yet no mention of being able to buy it online...good grief.

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telekineticmantis2382d ago

Wait, I thought they said those PlayStation Access guys don't work for Sony, so how'd they advertise this, I thought it was a Joke?

GameDev12382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

They don't work for Sony but pander Sony related news, games and everything possible

They work for Yogcast and Playstation access is independent from Sony

At the end of the day it gives them access to playstation events, gadgets, and things like this


Hollie works for Playstation UK eh?

I have always wondered why she is the only one interviewing devs at major PS events

TehRadge2382d ago

The woman you see in the videos is the community manager for PlayStation UK. The other guys work for that Yogscast thing.

mushroomwig2382d ago

I live in Manchester, if somebody in London was willing to do this for me I would very incredible greatful!

Bathyj2382d ago

Is this for real?

I cant condone this reckless behaviour, what are you trying to do Sony, start a riot?

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The story is too old to be commented.