How Microsoft Will Respond to the PlayStation Experience

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
This past weekend, gamers from around the world received an onslaught of industry news from both the The Game Awards show and Sony’s impressive PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas. Brand new gameplay footage from Uncharted 4 and the official confirmation that Street Fighter V will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive easily overshadowed everything and had diehard Sony supporters on cloud nine. Shortly after all this news was revealed, many analysts and fanboys turned their attention to Microsoft and begin to question if the Xbox One was still capable of competing with both the PS4 and Wii U. I personally think the console is more than capable of doing so and wanted to express my candid thoughts on what Microsoft will do now to reach this goal.

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Romudeth2980d ago

This is a really good editorial. I agree. Microsoft needs to focus on getting their pre-existing IPs rebooted as well as launching completely new IPs that rival those of Sony's.

Ezz20132980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

No more buying exclusives games from both sides
this has to stop

Microsoft can start working on making their own games and revive some of it old games
Going by PSX alone
Sony is making tons of amazing exclusives for Ps4/Ps3
and Microsoft should do the same

Unspoken2979d ago

Considering there was practically no good news to come from the $ony Play$tation Experience, Microsoft needs to continue their focus on the games library they are building.

I was under the impression gamers were over the hype train? Are you guys finally feeling the burn of yet another remake? Final Fantasy VII?! And it isn't even remastered... it the same exact game from before!

This isn't acceptable from $ony. My PS4 collects dust because their are barely any games to play. I'll play the occasional indie game but I seriously did not need a PS4 to do so.

What happen to the days of the PS1 and PS2? I remember playing G Police, Parasite Eve, Intelligent Qube, Xenosaga, Star Ocean, Tactics...

Why not take Knights of Sidonia and turn that into a PS4 exclusive action-adventure-rpg-space sim? I'd be first in line to buy it.

LonDonE2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Agreed! Just look at the stupidity of Microsoft! they spent $60 million on 60 minutes worth of cgi cut scenes in the Halo 2 anniversary on the Halo master chief collection compilation! Just what were they thinking? $60 million could of given us a new ip's for xbox, why waste that sort of money on cgi cut scenes? cgi never impresses me, render that in game in real time and that will be impressive!

Or better yet they should of spent some of that $60 million on beta testing the online portion of the master chief collection.
Maybe then the game wouldn't have been such a broken mess.

And then we have the $2 billion they spent on minecraft, hey i love the game too, my 8year old is a complete addict but $2 BILLION is ludicrous!!!!

Just think of the amount of new ips we could of gotten with that sort of money.
Microsoft needs to sort out their priorities and fast.
I love my xbox one but i want more varied franchises which are true system exclusives! not timed third party, not shared with pc but true system exclusives which can only be played on xbox.

That's one area Nintendo and Sony have absolutely nailed! If you want to play Sony First party games you have no choice but to buy a playstation system, and its the same for Nintendo if you want to play the new zelda/mario/metroid etc you have no choice but to buy a nintendo platform!

True system exclusives add value to the brand and platform and give people a reason to buy said platform! they need to stop with the shared games with pc and no people stop with the ms owns windows yadda yadda nonsense! while true that ms has allot invested in pc, its their console they need to strengthen compared to their competition Sony and nintendo.

And with regards to wasting money on third party timed temporary exclusives, what more can i say? at least if it needs to be done then all three companies (Sony/Microsoft and Nintendo)need to ensure said third party is giving them a life time exclusive or its worthless! and the timed dlc first is just a complete joke.

miyamoto2980d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Release the Kra$hken!!!!!!

That seems to be in order.
Release more cash! Billions of cash!

M$ seems to always bank on what is the "in thing" what is "hot", what is selling today.

They have never been seen as creative people like the PlayStation camp. Buying is always their answer to anything.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Instead of using their brains and actually creating something new they chose the easy

Like Nintendo, M$ thinks new IPs are too risky and costly.

darthv722980d ago

you make it sound like they HAVE to do what the other companies do.

what works for one company does not mean it must be adhered to by the rest.

with that in mind...if shelling out $$ is what they do, and it works for them, then so be it. All these companies that just get paid to make games for xbox arent complaining. they are getting paid regardless.

Charybdis2980d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

they should buy more instead of investing in ips. with this beeing their third console they could use more of their own exclusive ips. Hope they will also revive some of the old ips from the original xbox.

gangsta_red2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

It seems $ony is taking the BUY! BUY! BUY! route also.

Timed DLC for Destiny, timed exclusive games, porting high rated old PC titles, porting over a PS3 title that was only a year old, buying a well established sequel to a popular IP as well as releasing sequels for old titles for their launch line up. Unlike MS who went with more new AAA IP's in it's first year.

I think a lot of people were mistaken about how broke $ony actually was because they seem to be throwing their money around a lot and at anything with a pulse.

blackout2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

And as a business model, how has that worked out for Sony. Not good. I'll take the # two business and business model in the US over anything Sony has ever done in there entire life span. Sony is hardware and nothing else. They don't make money and continously try to mock the competition. How do you continue to support anything that CAN'T GET RIGHT. I don't want to here anything from any Sony fan until they at least post a profit. Sony is supposed to be a beats of a company. Talk about washed up, Sony fans check the figures.

FriedGoat2979d ago

@blackout, Are you referring to the Microsoft who have been last in the console industry every generation?

Oh right yeah, I forgot, according to you Windows profits mean their console business is the best.

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christocolus2980d ago

i agree. very good article. great points and very straight forward. Phil definitely knows what has to be done,he has achieved alot in such a short time.i must say the future of the console is in very safe hands. They just need to keep making the right decisions and Nadella needs to keep giving Phil his full support.

2015 will be a grande year.

Romudeth2980d ago

Phil Spencer becoming the head of Xbox has been the best thing that has happened for the console. It's seen a big turn around. I predict they will keep this momentum up but they have to be on guard because Sony is making moves too. The Street Fighter V announcement proves this.

zero_gamer2979d ago

Given the quality of Sony's first party PS4 exclusives in 2014, that's not too hard for MS. Sunset Overdrive is a really good rival for inFamous, and Forza Horizon 2 wiped the floor sparkling clean with Driveclub.

thanhgee2979d ago

Because Sony had one bad year that means the quality of all their other games is now bad? Sunset Overdrive isn't even close to selling 1 million units, tell me one game that is actually worth buying an XB1 for..

The first half of 2015, the XB1 has no games that make the XB1 worth owning. Obviously E3 around the corner, Microsoft will reveal some great games like Scalebound, QB, Halo 5, Crackdown, Tomb raider but those don't come out until the freakin holiday season.

PSX was Sony's pre-e3, they have at least 8 different first party studios ready to reveal games (some of which have been in development for a 2-3 years). From a business perspective, one would assume that they're saving up their new IPs to compete with Microsoft/Nintendo at E3/Gamescom since MS have a lot to announce.

PONTIAC08G8GT2979d ago

One game worth buying an X1 for? How about 5, which have all received mostly 9's for reviews. Your welcome.

Forza Horizon 2, Forza 5, Titanfall, Halo: Masterchief Collection, and Sunset Overdrive

blackout2979d ago

With what is going on now I say your wrong. Sony not to long ago had a two to one lead, that lead has been chipped into with just one of the three holidays. Things look really good for ms without any reboots.

MRMagoo1232979d ago

they are still more than 2 to 1 lead, they still win world wide every week.

otherZinc2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )


I disagree. You guys are exaggerating all this.

Sony announced Uncharted 4 for 2015, I think. M$ has a Halo 5 beta for the world to play on December 27th for a game releasing November 2015. I'll take the beta.

Sony gives Knack, Killzone, Drive Club, & LBP3, 2 holiday seasons consecutively.
M$ gives Rise, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 (still, the only AAA next gen title running 1080p 60fps Locked!), Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Forza Horizon 2, & Halo Master Chief Collection.

M$ clearly has the better exclusives!

2015 The Order 1886 looks to be featureless, just like Drive Club. What does the game do? Nothing. No Campaign Co-op, No Multiplayer, No Horde Mode. That isn't acceptable in 2015 with all those characters in a Wannabe Gears of War game.

TheMeatPuppet0072979d ago

Never underestimate Microsoft and especially not Phil. Look what Phil has accomplished so far! It is quite an amazing turnaround and I believe MS has many more tricks up their sleeve in 2015. I do agree that MS needs some more new IPs. New Ips can never hurt a company and especially not a company that relies on old Ips to continuously carry them through.

JMyers2979d ago

@ Romudeth

What old IPS do MS own?

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stephburdo2980d ago

The revival of old franchises and brand new I.Ps is something that the Xbox One definitely needs to succeed. Great editorial.

rbailey2980d ago

Microsoft picking up the publishing rights to Rise of the Tomb Raider was crazy overall, but I hope neither side has to resort to this in the long run. Sony of course has a ton of IPs to pull from so they shouldn't be worried about third-parties quite as much. The same goes for Microsoft too if they actually look deeper into what they have and start making new IPs altogether. Either way it def will be interesting to see how this all turns out as the years go by.

badboyz092980d ago ShowReplies(7)
LOL_WUT2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Microsoft is going to make amends by making another multiplat an exclusive. My only concern is I just hope Sony is up for the challenge. Next year is going to be full of surprises especially at E3 that its kinda scary to even think about. ;)

mkis0072980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

You misread the tweet. He was talking about making a new conker or banjo...not to say they wont try to throw money at their troubles, but that is not what he meant in that instance.

It is going to be very difficult for ms to find 3Rd party devs willing to go full exclusive with them considering how much they would need to pay to make up for the larger ps4 install base lost sales, including dlc.

Dudebro902980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Cept its not...

MasterCornholio2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Actually 56% of copies from last Tomb Raider game sold on the Playstation platform with 37% belonging to the Xbox platform and 4.21% to PC.

In other words the majority of Tombraider 2013 sales were on the PlayStation platform.

Mind you I used VGs but if you have anything better feel free to link it.

KiwiViper852979d ago


Tomb raider next gen released just as PS4 owners were starving for a decent game to play. I'm not surprised it sold well.

mkis0072980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

It's just a business deal hence the "it has a duration". And "they are free to do what they want when it ends".

MakinBaconXD2979d ago

Off topic: Chris,are you ok? Just makin' sure o.o

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HisRoyalFlyness2980d ago

Competition always breeds success and it seems like the after the whole Tomb Raider thing, both companies are looking to one up each other.
Hopefully it benefits the gamers