Top 5 Xbox One exclusive games to get excited for in 2015

Last gen, it was clear that Sony focuses on exclusive games while Microsoft was working to define its console as an online first-person-shooter platform. If you were looking for unique experiences like those of The Unfinished Swan, Rain and Journey, the PlayStation platform would be the smartest choice. But if you were more of a Call of Duty/Halo player who craves for multiplayer matches, Microsoft’s console is the preferred one.

This gen, Microsoft took some notes from Sony and devoted time and resources to make new IPs. Best examples for that would be Insomniac Games’ takes on Saint Row with Sunset Overdrive, Crytek efforts to bring ‘God of War’ to ancient Rome with Ryse and Hidetaka Suehiro’s stylish D4. In between releases Microsoft put remakes on the market, with Halo: The Master Chief Collection being the biggest one.

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KingKionic 2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Crackdown "3" listed in this article does not have a confirmed release date of 2015.

TheNew12980d ago

Not confirmed, but it was teased at E3 2013, so it's a safe bet.

NeoGamer2322979d ago

I doubt it will be 2015. All they showed was a trailer. And it is by a new studio so, I don't expect it until 2016 at least.

KingKionic 2979d ago

"but it was teased at E3 2013"


"Crackdown Xbox One - E3 2014 Trailer"

GameNameFame2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

If it was to be released in 2015 they would have announced it.

They didn't. Chances are more likely it won't come out in 2015

TheNew12979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )


If you actually searched something using the internet, you would know that the Crackdown logo was in the background during E3 2013 at one of the moments.


All Scalebound showed was a CGI trailer, buy Phil Spencer said that he has played it, so it's playable.

medman2979d ago

Crackdown isn't confirmed for 2015 (substitute Quantum Break), Below needs to be here (even though it's a timed exclusive), and project spark is already available. #Fail

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otherZinc2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Quantum Break...
Tomb Raider...

thanhgee2979d ago

"Xbox One exclusive" Tomb raider is coming onto the 360 and Xb1.

Lawboy22979d ago

What about loooking forward to trying a moba out...
Also ori and blind forest and space engineers

I dont really like indies but i want to try these out

OB1Biker2979d ago

Just read the first sentence that doesn't make sense I doubt the rest of the article makes much sense.

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christocolus2980d ago

Tomb Raider and Quantum Break should be on that list. we also Know Phil will be making some surprise announcements but for now these will do.

Rimgal2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Project Spark?!?
That game is already out. You can buy it right now.

GoPanthers9992979d ago

Yeah right, someone clearly did no research before writing the article.

lifeisgamesok2980d ago

Quantum Break, Halo 5, Gears of War collection, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends

Rimgal2980d ago

Gears of War collection?!?

Since when?

Chanogram2980d ago

Rumor, but a fairly safe bet, honestly.

ziggurcat2980d ago

considering the success of the MCC, it's a no-brainer, really.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

There's only two games on that list that are scheduled to be released in 2015. Project Spark came out in October. Not much on the Xbox One's plate for next year huh?

gangsta_red2980d ago

Quantum Break, Below and Tomb Raider isn't on that list either...I'm so glad your concerned about the Xbox One, but you should have known that list wasn't complete.

KiwiViper852980d ago

Ori and the blind forest.

NerdStar72980d ago

Gears of War collection hasn't even been announced, stop lying.

ziggurcat2980d ago

tomb raider is a timed exclusive, not a full exclusive.

KiwiViper852980d ago

If it is timed exclusive it won't be on PS4. Most likely PC a year later, the usual 3rd party deal for Microsoft.

But I wouldn't be surprised if after the SFV announcement Phil Spencer gave SquareEnix a call to rediscuss the terms.

Illusive_Man2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

You guys desperately want this title but it's not coming just as no Microsoft published title has ever appeared on a Sony console. And, before you use Mass Effect it took 5 years and the IP going to EA before it came to PS3.

Phil also said he wanted his own Uncharted and MS does not invest resources in games just for them to go to competing platforms.

Phil also said the deal was like Dead Rising 3 another title unlikely to ever go to PS4.

Of course TR does have a duration. It could be a year or more before it appears on its most likely final destination which is PC.

Just let it go.


Halo 5
Fable Legends
Quantum Break
Cup head
Tomb raider
Forza 6 is highly likely as is GoW collection
And unannounced AAAs


metatronx2979d ago

@ziggrucat uhmm MCC is a success? Online matchmaking was a mess and its still a problem for me and my friends.

ziggurcat2979d ago

It has sold a lot. So, it's a financial success, which makes the idea of the gears collection a no-brainer.

JMyers2979d ago

So rumoured games and release dates are part of the list now?

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