Funcom celebrates 7 years of Anarchy Online

Funcom is proud to announce that Anarchy Online celebrates seven years in operation. The original sci-fi MMO has been a groundbreaking game ever since it launched, and it still stand as a massive pillar of the MMO genre. As the game moves into its eight year it shows no signs of slowing down, with development continuing at full pace with an ever evolving virtual world.

The history of Anarchy Online is one of hope and innovation, and development started as early as 1995. The internet was reserved for a small population of "elite" users back then, and early design documents were even questioning whether the internet had a future. At first Anarchy Online was therefore a small research project, but as history shows it soon turned into a massive and extremely ambitious MMO.

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Skerj4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

It's funny, I've been there on and off since before the beginning. Nearly every MMO afterwards I've tried and always went back to AO, aside from EVE Online and City of Heroes which I still hold subscriptions to. It's like some crazy comfort game, or maybe it's nostalgia that keeps me going back I don't know. I'll say this though 7 years came quick, now we just need the graphical update SOON, and the new story arc that should have happened 2 years ago.