Editorial: The 'X' Generation - The Future of the Industry Discussed

While other manufacturers are busy trying to reinvent the wheel with optical discs, proprietary online services, outrageous gaming circuits and archaic copy-validating DRM, Microsoft continues to expand and improve the 'Live' service, and it's partners continue to improve the devices that use it. As time goes on, more and more companies will be brought into the platform to offer their own compatible devices, products and services delivered through the 'Live' infrastructure. Ironically, companies such as Sony may actually be forced to sign on to Microsoft's platform simply to survive as a competitor. Proprietary devices and storage such as the PS3, PSP, MemoryStick and Blu-Ray will become obsolete as Sony is forced to create new products that meet the compatibility needs of the infrastructure.

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butterfinger3759d ago

With all of the features that Sony is introducing with their online service (2.4, video store, music store, Home) and their existing features (free online, web browser, PSN content, PS1 games, etc.), I find it hard to believe that they will ever be "forced to sign on to Microsoft's platform simply to survive as a competitor". It's not as if Microsoft is dominating the gaming world right now, and I don't see them doing so in the next couple of years. Perhaps one day we won't need discs anymore, but I highly doubt Sony will underestimate their competitors in the future and they will be better prepared for the coming generations. This generation, Sony really took one to the jaw and Microsoft took a huge step forward, but nobody is really down for the count yet. One thing I will say; I do hope that one day we could have a unified online service from Microsoft and Sony so that we can play multiplatform titles (such as COD4) against the very best competition available. I suppose that is just wishful thinking, though:P

UltimaEnder3759d ago

butterfinger, I agree mostly....I doubt we will be going to an entirely online service for getting our media either, people still love their physical discs!

inStereo3759d ago

I think this article is absolutely right. It's just like how Apple had to shift their entire iPod model to comply with Microsoft's superior Zune technology.