PALGN Preview: Pure

PALGN Writes:
Not many people know of the company Blackrock Studios. Previously known as Climax Racing, they were responsible for some very competent racers back in the day, including the MotoGP series, and more notably the ATV Offroad Fury series. And now under the wing of Disney Interactive Studios, the experienced developers are back with a new IP titled Pure, which is headed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this October. We recently were lucky enough to rip up some dirt with the game, and to say we were impressed is purely an understatement.

Pure is an ATV racer basing itself around winding tracks with massive jumps and multiple routes. As with every racer, the main objective is to claim first prize and leave your opponents in the dust, but Pure spices this up with a boost meter, which is filled through pulling off death-defying stunts over massive jumps.

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