Gaming Age reviews Race Driver:Grid

Dustin Chadwell reports:

''When you first start the game, you'll be asked to input your own name, and depending on if your name is common enough or not, you'll be asked to choose from a list of nicknames. One nice, albeit small feature is that if the game recognizes your name it will actually use it in the sound clips that play before and after a race, which is pretty neat. If not, you're stuck with the nickname you selected, some of which are pretty strange depending on your sense of humor.

Once you actually start the game proper, you'll be put right smack dab in the beginning of a race. There's not a tutorial in sight, instead you'll be asked to simply finish this first race, which will then give you your initial Beginner's License that will allow you to participate in future events (and actually begin the game). It's an interesting way to force someone to become familiar with the controls, with plenty of turns to help you come to grips with the steering and over all control of the system. I could see it definitely being off-putting to beginners though, so it's a pretty ballsy move to make on the part of the developers.''

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