How Japan's Numero Uno Xbox 360 Fanboy Spent June

Kotaku reports:

''Look at your calendars! It's July. Last month was very busy for Japan's biggest Xbox 360 fanboy Jamzy. Jamzy occupied himself with video games, some lady's bellybutton and dog cake. Jamzy's list of game's he played last month includes two PSP games (Tales of Rebirth, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G), two DS games (Derby Stallion DS, Daigassou Band Brothers DX) and two Xbox 360 games (Mobile Suit Gundam Operation: Troy, Battlefield Bad Company). That's right, Jamzy doesn't play PS3 or Wii - he's serious, haircutting business!''

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ry-guy3762d ago


He didn't touch Ninja Gaiden 2?

heyheyhey3762d ago

talk about one of a kind

isn't it like against the law to not have a Wii in Japan?

Harry1903762d ago

I am sure he hears this song in his head:

3762d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3762d ago

...are they all Laughing at him for???
'You got a xBox 360!!!' HA HA!!! ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.