Diablo 2 Top-Selling Game on Amazon

Well it seems the hype has equated to sales for Blizzard. The top-selling PC game on is now the Diablo 2 Battlechest.

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Relcom3762d ago

I want to play some Diablo, i can't wait

dxmnecro3762d ago

Yeah, I wonder how many copies of Diablo III they are going to sell if an 8 year old game is #1 on Amazon.

Sitris3762d ago

I'm playing Diablo 2 again just for fun, and to bye time until FW2.4 :P

PSN ID: Sitris

Drekken3762d ago

I was thinking about firing old D2 up... You playing expansion or what??

The drag of leveling up again is stopping me.

Diugu3762d ago

I just finished killing Andariel. For the millionth time.

Tony240ZT3762d ago

I lost my expansion pack, so ordered a couple copies off of amazon. USWest server was crap last night. I don't think they were ready for the load. Hopefully beefs up before release of D3

Sitris3761d ago

Lol the lvling is slow but the gameplay is so damn addicting

PSN ID: Sitris

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thereapersson3762d ago

It never gets old no matter how many times I play it...

I actually found my battlechest at a Goodwill thrift store for 10 dollars in near mint condition.

AllroundGamer3762d ago

i would recommend to download the mods for Diablo 2, i found some of them even better than the original game and more challenging.

thor3762d ago

Hell difficulty was soooo hard, I've only beaten Baal once on Hell! And I was really disappointed that there wasn't a special ending :(

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