GCM review Guitar Hero:Aerosmith (PS2)

GCM reports:

''Guitar Hero: Aerosmith hits the PS2 using the same engine seen in Legends of Rock. However nothing is really new this time around, other than the obvious Aerosmith overhaul. The menus all feature Aeromsith-esque visuals and the load screens feature the band flying over a spinning jumbled assortment of locations.

As you pretty much have guessed by the title, the focus of this title is centered on the legends themselves. Like the latest titles in this series you have 6 venues to rock through. But unlike most Guitar Heroes, you're in for a history lesson as well as rocking out. Each venue takes place at a location that was special to the band. You will start out at the bands humble beginning at Nipmuc High School to their Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Each set features two songs selected by Aerosmith themselves. Some of these songs are actually covers by other bands. You then get to perform two songs by the Tyler and the gang as themselves onstage and finally an encore Aerosmith song.

The one major difference with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is that you are feed small servings of rock. Instead of seeing all the songs in your current set, they are given to you one at a time. This unfortunately restricts your path through the Career mode but at the same time leaving you wanting more.''

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